Liu Jianhua sets out to destroy clichés associated with porcelain

The Chinese artist and activist Liu Jianhua has set out to destroy the clichés associated with porcelain. He proclaims, in his most recent installation, entitled Trace (currently on display at Singapore Art Museum) that porcelain is not just a material destined to make objects the evoke the fragile, delicate, and soft. For several years Liu Jianhua has worked in porcelain, stating that the process of creating and developing and artwork is more important than the material itself. The Chinese artist often looks and and deconstructs themes linked to social problems. He commented: “Porcelain seems hard, but in reality is fragile. Much like life. Magnificent things in life end up being broken.” Trace is made up of pieces of porcelain which look like drops of black ink on a white wall, giving the illusion that something is draining out of the piece. He explains that the “drops of ink” are like traces of the human sprit and imprints of the human soul. He adds that “when people enter into this calming space, leaving behind them the hustle and bustle of the real world, I hope that this will settle their inner conflicts.” Liu Jianhua has stated that he is influenced by ‘wu lou hen’ (traces of rain running down the wall of a house), an expression which refers to the dashes in Chinese calligraphy that look like forms caused by water...

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Ralph M.Chait opens new 5th Avenue gallery

New York, 9 January 2014, Art Media Agency (AMA). Ralph M. Chait Galleries, a specialist in Chinese art works and porcelain, has opened a new space in New York’s Crown Building, situated at 730 5th Avenue. Founded 104 years ago, the gallery already held a space on the prestigious New York street. The new building, however, measures nearly 370 m2, and features an interior realised by Stylander Design Group. Discussing the development, Chait – whose business is the oldest in the US to specialise in Chinese art – stated: “Since the building is next door to us, this is a relatively easy move,” adding, “We look forward to showcasing the best Chinese porcelain and works of art in our new...

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Porcelain of Edmund de Waal at the Gagosian gallery

New York, 16 September 2013, Art Media Agency (AMA). The new creations buy artist and writer Edmund de Waal are to be exhibited at the Gagosian gallery in New York from 12 September to 19 October 2013. In the exhibition “Atemwende”, the artist affirms his desire to hold a breath between and inside each piece, working with the colors of minimalism and modernism. He looks for ways to express the silence and space between the vessels and the the display case, and the vessels and the room. His works of porcelain, known for their great size, renew the idea of creating a collection. The pieces have toured museums internationally. De Waal creates a dialogue between minimalism, literature and architecture. The artist demonstrates to the viewer his fascination for the material of the objects and the history of how they were collected. The size and number of his porcelain pieces have a definite impact upon the...

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Dallas Auction Gallery now accepting submissions

Dallas, 10 July 2013, Art Media Agency (AMA). Dallas Auction Gallery is currently accepting submissions for a forthcoming auction of “Fine Jewelry and Decorative Arts”, to take place at 2235 Monitor Street on 18 September 2013. An auction Estimate Request Form invites would-be participants to provide photographs and details regarding pieces in the following categories: Decorative Arts, Porcelains and Bronzes; Paintings, Fine Art and Prints; Furniture; and Asian Porcelains. Dallas Auction Gallery was founded in 2002 by the Shuford family. The auction house was recently the subject of considerable press coverage when a pair of 19th century vases it was offering at auction were sold for $2.7m in a private transaction, less than a week before their planned...

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“DelftWare WonderWare” at the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag: one of the largest and finest collection

The Hague, 20 November 2012,  Art Media Agency (AMA). The Gemeentemuseum in The Hague, Netherlands, possesses one of the largest and finest collection of Delftware in the world and this will be an opportunity to admire it at the exhibition that will open on 1st December 2012. The Dutch Delftware is an iconic product often considered a symbol of the Netherlands in the 17th century Golden Age and has rarely been shown in Dutch museums. It will be a permanent exhibition that will display over 235 items in a dynamic presentation showing the Delftware industry throughout the ages. Among the magnificent pieces, produced centuries ago and that continue to fascinate today, some of the highlights include a number of tulip vases that testify of the fusion between the Eastern and Western forms as well as decorative motifs and Asian porcelain. Actually, the highly desirable oriental porcelain had a big impact on Dutch domestic interiors and thus a vast range of everyday and ornamental objects were available in Chinese porcelain as well as in Delft faience. The exhibition will also include works of contemporary designers that were inspired by the Delfware of yesteryear.  ...

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