“Pioneer Court”

Bye-bye Marilyn

Chicago, 3 May 2012, Art Media Agency (AMA). The sculpture Forever Marilyn, created by the artist Seward Johnson, measuring 26 feet in height (7.92 metres), and installed in the Pioneer Court in July last year, is due to be moved. The news was announced on Monday 30 April. The Chicago Tribune reported in an article on its website that Jenee Castellanos, the curator of the Sculpture Foundation, had stated that the next city to welcome Forever Marilyn would be announced in a few weeks. In the meantime, Forever Marilyn is set to leave Chicago on Monday 7 May. The Zeller Realty Group (owners of Pioneer Court) has not mentioned what will replace the sculpture. Forever Marilyn is a recreation of the world famous scene from the film The Seven Itch (1955), in which a gust of air from subway grating in New York lifts up the Monroe’s character’s skirt. Melissa Farrell, executive assistant at Zeller Realty Group, has described the sculpture as the most photographed thing to have been placed on the plaza. Forever Marilyn has far from enjoyed universal praise, however. The site virtualtourist.com, for example, last August named it as its worse public...

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