“Pierre-Yves Le Diberder”

Pierre-Yves Le Diberder collection estimated at €1.5 million

Pierre Bergé & Associés, in partnership with Christie’s, will be selling the Pierre-Yves Le Diberder collection at Drouot, on 14 October. From antiques to Asian arts, from old paintings to contemporary art, and from classic furniture to design, the 300 lots are estimated at being worth a total of  €1.5 million. Of note is a Bacchus Ephebus torso dating from the Roman era, a Louis XVI furniture item by Jean-François Leleu or a portrait of Man Ray by Andy Warhol. Raymond de Nicolay, auctioneer at Pierre Bergé & Associés, François de Ricqlès, chairman of Christie’s France, and Lionel Gosset, collections director at Christie’s France, are enthusiastic about this partnership, the second since 2009 (Yves Saint Laurent – Pierre Bergé...

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