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Over €2 million for the Pierre-Yves Le Diberder collection

The sale of the Pierre-Yves Le Diberder collection, held on Friday 14 October at Druot by auction house Pierre Bergé & Associés, in association with Christie’s, raised €2,084,786. The sale reflected the collection’s eclecticism: for example, on the one hand, a painting by Ferdinand Joseph Guerldry from 1881, Une Régate à Joinville, le départ, yielding €114,240, and on the other hand, Man Ray, an acrylic and ink serigraphy on canvas by Andy Warhol raising...

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Pierre-Yves Le Diberder collection estimated at €1.5 million

Pierre Bergé & Associés, in partnership with Christie’s, will be selling the Pierre-Yves Le Diberder collection at Drouot, on 14 October. From antiques to Asian arts, from old paintings to contemporary art, and from classic furniture to design, the 300 lots are estimated at being worth a total of  €1.5 million. Of note is a Bacchus Ephebus torso dating from the Roman era, a Louis XVI furniture item by Jean-François Leleu or a portrait of Man Ray by Andy Warhol. Raymond de Nicolay, auctioneer at Pierre Bergé & Associés, François de Ricqlès, chairman of Christie’s France, and Lionel Gosset, collections director at Christie’s France, are enthusiastic about this partnership, the second since 2009 (Yves Saint Laurent – Pierre Bergé...

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Pierre Bergé & Associés: an assessment

In the first half-year of 2016, Pierre Bergé & Associés produced a consolidated volume of 12.3 million euros in France, with 10.77 million euros in France and 1.53 million euros in Belgium. Apart from bibliophilia and design, archaeology enabled the auction house to make its greatest sales, with an Egyptian limestone stele going for 126,700 euros. Among art objects, a pair of Blaeu globes sold for 232,610 euros while in the jewellery sector, a fine pearl necklace went for 176,540...

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Collection of Mr. and Mrs. ‘X’ on sale at Pierre Bergé & Associés

The auction house Pierre Bergé & Associés is to put the collection of Mr and Mrs ‘X’ up for sale on 19 March. An exhibition of a vast selection of previously unseen photographs will be held at Drouot on 17 and 18 March. This exceptional collection consists of almost 1,500 both old and modern photographs, and includes the works of 138 artists, including 95 19th-century and 43 20th-century artists. The collection is so rare that it includes 141 photographs that have never before been put up for public sale. The couple made their first purchase in 1976, and since then devoted themselves to amassing a vast collection, focusing on looking for avant-garde works. The 19th century is represented by 95 photographers, including Gustave Le Gray, Charles Marville, Charles Nègre, Auguste Salzmann, Alphonse de Brébisson, Edouard Baldus and Camille Silvy. The 20th century photographers include André Kertesz, Man Ray, Jean Moral, Sherril Schell, Maurice Tabard, Sasha Stone...

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Frank Cohen gives away part of his collection

Paris, 20 February 2013, Art Media Agency (AMA). British collector Frank Cohen is putting on sale at Pierre Bergé & Associés a part of his collection. The auction is scheduled for 25 February 2013. The sale should fetch at least €865,000 and includes works by young artists such as Jonathan Callan, Nathaniel Mellors and Jane Simpson, Ian Monroe, Baker, Armen Eloyan as well as designers Zaha Hadid, Thomas Heatherwick, Ron Arad and Campana brothers. The special highlight of the sale is a sculpture of Frank Cohen himself produced by Japanese artist Suwuki Tomoaki estimated between €4,000 and €6,000. Altogether 143 artworks will be offered on auction. Cohen seems to be turning away from contemporary art. Last year, he declared to The Daily Telegraph: “The world of contemporary art became crazy. There are too many artists or future artists whose prices are artificially elevated”. Frank Cohen is often called the “Northern Saatchi”, in reference to famous gallery owner of Iraqi origin. Currently, the collector living in Manchester, is interested in British Modern...

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