“Peter Kilchmann Gallery”

Raffi Kalenderian exhibited by the Peter Kilchmann Gallery

The Peter Kilchmann Gallery based in Zurich, in Switzerland, welcomes an exhibition of the artist Raffi Kalenderian from 31 October to 19 December 2015. The exhibition “To walk through the night” is the 4th solo exhibition of the artist by the Swiss gallery, and unveils 20 paintings and 10 works on paper; portraits and landscapes outlining the city of Los Angeles at nocturnal hours. Topics are as usual, his family and friends represented abstractly, in introspection, but also the famous palm trees of Los Angeles (Huntington Gardens, from 2013-2015), which are surrealist, and, while on a black background, are dotted with fictitious colours reflecting an environment in crisis. It was at night, conductive to imagination, that the artist was inspired to do landscapes for the first time, a new subject of his works. The artist worked by digging the painting using a knife, making the creative process a full-fledged subject of his work and putting the viewer faced with parts of uncertainty, of truth, and of research that make up this process. Raffi Kalenderian was born in Los Angeles (California) in 1981. After studying painting at the University of California, he saw his work exhibited in different solo and collective exhibitions in Europe and the United States. In 2010, the catalogue Memoranda was published for the occasion of his solo exhibition at the Peter Kilchmann...

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Marc-Antoine Fehr to be represented Peter Kilchmann Gallery

Zurich, 5 June 2013, Art Media Agency (AMA). The Peter Kilchmann Gallery, Switzerland, is to represent artist Marc-Antoine Fehr. The artist creates paintings which exist somewhere between realism and the imagination, with his works frequently suggesting the suspension of time. Fehr’s most recent pieces have become increasingly figurative, and are painted in a rarely-seen style which might risk the artist receiving accusations of outdatedness or obsolescence. Fehr’s intention, however, is to evoke Renaissance frescoes. The artist will be the subject of an exhibition at the gallery next year. The next exhibition at Peter Kilchmann will be held from 8 June to 27 July, and will feature work by duo Los...

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The Big Swiss Galleries

Zürich, 21 November 2011, Art Media Agency (AMA). Switzerland occupies an important place on the international art market. Its galleries are frequently presented in major art fairs such as FIAC or Frieze. Among the most influential Swiss galleries on international level are the famous Hauser & Wirth, Peter Kilchmann Gallery and Mai 36 Gallery, all three situated in Zürich. They are registered in the AGS (Swiss galleries association) that counts 56 members selected by a careful process. What they have in common is essentially their speciality: contemporary art. Hauser & Wirth was founded in 1992 by Ursula Hauser, Manuela Wirth and Iwan Wirth. The gallery disposes of three exhibition spaces in London, New York and Zürich. The Zürich gallery was founded in 1996 and is placed near other contemporary art galleries, in the building of the old brasserie Löwenbräu. Artists represented by the gallery include, Louise Bourgeois, Dan Graham, Paul McCarthy, Pipilotti Rist and Rodney Graham. Hauser & Wirth gallery is present at all the major contemporary art events in the world. Earlier this year, Hauser & Wirth stands were seen at Art Basel Miami Beach, FIAC, Zona Maco Mexico, Hong Kong International Art fair, Frieze Art Fair and at the Art Abu Dhabi fair. The contemporary art gallery Peter Kilchmann was founded in 1992. Among the representative artists, the most famous are Francis Alÿs, Artur Zmijewski, Adrian Paci, Willie Doherty and Javier Téllez. This year, the gallery was also present at Art Basel Miami Beach, FIAC and Frieze Art fair. Works from the gallery’s collections were presented at the 2008 Tokyo Contemporary Art Fair. The gallery confirms its place on the international scene proposing a collection of Polish, Hungarian, British, American and German works. Mai 36 Gallery, dedicated to contemporary art, possesses an important collection of paintings, drawings,...

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