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Photographer Santu Mofokeng exhibits in Bern

Bern, 7 October 2011, Art Media Agency (AMA). Kunsthalle Bern is currently presenting « Chasing Shadows, Santu Mofokeng, Thirty Years of Photographic Essays » from 8 October to 27 November 2011. The Swiss museum has organised the first international retrospective of Santu Mofokeng. Corinne Diserens, curator of this exhibition, collaborated with Norway, France and Belgium in order to create this event. Santu Mofokeng is a South-African photographer who reproduces all historical and cultural stereotypes within his pictures. In his different shots, the artist also captures singular moments, such as religious rituals, but also focuses on deserted landscapes. His black and white photographs express a photographers desire, in a perfect way: to freeze on film, happy and hard moments which express a person’s beauty and humanity. Santu Mofokeng started his career in Soweto and for several years has fought against apartheid within his photographic documentaries. Then he worked as a photographer and researcher, at Institute of Social Advanced Researches of the Witwatersrand University. Later he decided to become a journalist-filmmaker and went on to document life in Africa: he illustrated, within his works, his country diversity by focusing on family portraits. His shots have been exposed at numerous galleries and museums. A completed monograph of his works was also published, which presents the artist’s portrait as a photographer, as well as a writer. Mofokeng’s texts describe similar subjects to his photographs, and yet the entirety of his work reflects his opinions and positions; which are also illustrated in this...

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Martin Carral at Trama Gallery

Barcelona, 23 September 2011, Art Media Agency (AMA). Martin Carral (1959) will unveil his first solo-show, entitled “En el espacio”, at Trama Gallery, taking place from 27 September to 25 October. Carral’s work has not been displayed in Barcelona since 2005. In 2010, his works of art featured in a retrospective entitled “Espacios de un tiempo: 1994 – 2010”, which took place at the Casa de la Cultura de San Cugat de Vallès. The artist invites us to see the reunion of his pieces, which were chosen to illustrate the basis of his creative experiments. In his work, Carral puts into perspective a certain profound dimension, but also an important play of light. The oil paintings and other pieces of art — which use various techniques — are all different. Furthermore, a series of sculptures made from stone, metal, wood and enamel will also be presented. The machines greatly inspired the paintings from the 80’s. The artist has almost completed his journey and currently works in Barcelona. At the exhibition, spectators can fully admire Martin Carral’s works of...

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Rashaad Newsome at Wadsworth Atheneum

Hartford, 4 February 2011, Art Media Agency (AMA). From 3 February to 1 May 2011, the Wadsworth Atheneum is hosting Rashaad Newsome’s first solo exhibition in a museum. Rashaad Newsome is a multi-disciplinary artist working in New York and whose art is based on rap music, pop culture, medieval heraldry, Renaissance and modern architecture. The exhibition features two video productions as well as various collages and sculptures. The artist engages with social symbols and Hip-Hop “Bling Bling” accessories. Newsome also presents a small exhibition in the museum’s gallery, in which he juxtaposes his collages, works and mural sculptures with items from the Wadsworth Collection, such as coats of arms from the American and British nobility, escutcheons, coins, Bavarian glass and Italian ceramics. According to Patricia Hickson, curator at the contemporary art section of the museum, Newsome’s work successfully combines classical and popular art. The exhibition comprises thirteen collages and mural sculptures, as well as video...

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