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Towards a resolution of the cultural world’s financing issues

London, 18 July 2012, Art Media Agency (AMA). Financing problems in the cultural domain often impede a museum’s normal functioning and also endanger its survival. The study carried out by Shabbar Jaffry and Alexandros Apostolakis, published in the 1st November 2011 issue of the Journal of Cultural Economics under the title “Evaluating Individual Preferences for the British Museum” suggests that cultural resources raise funds within museums through voluntary contributions in order to address part of the public funding deficit. With this case study administered at the British Museum, researchers propose identifying individual preferences as a future managerial initiative which would potentially impact visitor willing to finance cultural resources through voluntary contributions given during museum visits. The study assumes that two types of heterogeneity exist – the observed and the unobserved – to obtain a more diverse spectrum in regards to any given individual’s decision-making process. The study also explains the theoretical context behind the 2007 survey, which was administered outside the British Museum where two researchers had distributed 500 questionnaires to visitors. The study has led to specific findings which could serve to widen and deepen the cultural and artistic participation of the public at large. In a world where public funding is limited, artistic and cultural management is crucial and undoubtedly represents a means of survival for institutions. The objective was to find new methods to increase the revenue of museums by using their own resources, which would therefore resolve deficit problems. The two researchers did not base their work on judicious pricing policy. To the contrary, they believe the key can be found in visitors’ preferences and, more precisely, by integrating a number of socio-demographic variables as factors influencing an individual’s decision-making process. In this context, the study takes into consideration individual differences in taste to identify...

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Holocaust commemorative site under threat

Washington, 22 March 2012, Art Media Agency (AMA). A permanent exhibition on the Holocaust at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington is under threat. The Polish State is demanding the return of several loans, including several pieces essential to the museum. The Holocaust Memorial Museum is one of the most moving commemorative sites in the world. It displays 16,250 items such as clothes, suitcases, and books which belonged to prisoners of Auschwitz. Since it opened in 1993, this exhibition attracted more than 33 million visitors. A barracks building from the former concentration camp of Auschwitz constitutes the main part of the museum. As for many objects in the museum, the army camp is a fixed-term loan by the Staatliches Museum Auschwitz-Birkenau in Poland. As the contracts are now expiring, many Polish owners are demanding the return of their pieces. Michael Berenbaum, holocaust expert and former director of the Michael Berenbaum project, explained to the German newspaper der Spiegel that “we did not expect owners to demand them.” The demand for the items sets several problems. According to Berenbaum, “If we start talking about these real elements, the exhibition will lose part of its strength”. There is a second problem. The exhibition’s building was built around the barracks building. Taking it off becomes consequently very difficult. The museum has not found a solution to this problem yet and hopes that the Polish State will change its...

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The new galleries of Museo Nacional de Arte de Cataluna

Barcelona, July 4th 2011, Art Media Agency (AMA). The Roman art collection of the MNAC (museo Nacional de arte de Cataluna) features different forms of Roman Catalan art, uniting various artworks such as a group of paintings, wooden sculptures and a monumental sculpture made of precious metal. A permanent exhibition is now available. Viewers can discover information on the collection’s origins and the museum’s renovation techniques. These insights have been made possibly by researchers from the museum but also from all over the world, who have been contributing to the museum’s efforts for 15 years. The exhibition was created in partnership with the Fundacion Mapfre in Madrid. The event will consist of a selection of sixty paintings from MNAC’s collection, each piece was chosen for its artistic qualities, and aims to present the main techniques and subjects of Roman Art. It is the first time that an exhibition of this type is shown outside of Catalonia, except the 1937 Paris exposition, which took place during the Spanish Civil War. The visit will be divided into five parts and each part will be preceded by a presentation illustrating the work linked to architecture (murals, stone statues), and the artworks linked to furniture and other objects used when praying (paintings, wooden statue, works in precious metal and in enamel.) Amongst the pieces from Madrid, is a fragment of the stoning of Saint Stephen, by San Joan de Boi, the Batllo Majesty and a fragment of a mural from the monastery of San Pedro de Arlanza. The exhibition will include catalogues written by renowned specialists providing comprehensive biographies as well as other documentary sections....

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