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Marina Abramovic on sick leave

On November 19, 2015, the patrons of Park Avenue Armory in New York, postponed a dinner which was to be attended by the famous performance artist Marina Abramovic, who is absent due to serious health problems. According to Rebecca Robertson, president of Park Avenue Armory, the artist was hospitalized urgently. The hospital, however, has not been mentioned by the press service of PR Park Avenue Armory and was flatly contradicted by the gallerist Sean Kelly, who represents Marina Abramovic. According to him, the artist suffers from blood pressure problems due to her frequent trips. But no hospitalization would have been necessary: the artist is currently resting at home where she is gradually recovering. From 7 to 19 December, Park Avenue Armory is hosting a performance by Marina Abramovic and of the pianist Igor Levit who interprets the ensemble of the Variations Goldberg of...

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Eglé Budvytytė seeks volunteers for Syndey Biennale

Sydney, 16 January 2014, Art Media Agency (AMA). The Lithuanian artist Eglé Budvytytė is looking for male volunteers to participate in one of her performances, to take place during the 19th edition of the Sydney Biennale, to take place between 21 March and 9 June 2014. The performance is entitled Choreography for the Running Male. It involves a group of men jogging through Sydney’s business centre. The artist is looking to explore notions of gender in the collective behaviour in a public place. She is also looking to question the static position of the audience during this type of performance. Eglé Budvytytė was born in 1982 in Lithuania. Her work has been shown in several international events, including (Entre)Ouverture at the Palais de Tokyo (Paris, 2012), Mindaugas Triennial at the 11th edition ot the Baltic Triennial of International Art (Vilnius, 2012) and Beyond Imagination at the Stedelijk Museum (Amsterdam,...

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