“Palais de Tokyo”

Abraham Poincheval on display at the Palais de Tokyo, in Paris

During the Nuit Blanche 2016 in Paris, performance artist Abraham Poincheval stayed perched on a lookout post twenty metres above the ground. While the artist has previously made an impression with a few curious initiatives, the Palais de Tokyo will be welcoming him in its spaces for a retrospective from February 2017 onwards. In 2013, Abraham Poincheval stayed inside a bear’s skin for twelve days — at the Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature in Paris. In 2015 and this year, he has spent several weeks inside a bottle, floating up the Rhône. This retrospective exhibition, to be launched on 3 February 2017, will be an opportunity to (re)discover his original experiments through a presentation of his preparatory works, and also to (re)see the structures in which he inhabited, such as the bear-skin...

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Tino Sehgal, artist of the ephemeral

Powerful body language, flirtation with immateriality… Tino Sehgal has exercised a complex creative practice for twenty years or so. His “constructed situations”, at the Palais de Tokyo until 18 December, raise one crucial question: what if the artist reinvented the meeting between the work and the spectator? Iconoclastic in how he shows and circulates his work, Tino Sehgal places a focus on artistic language that overturns the archetype of contemporary production. Existing purely over the time of a choreography, a sketch, sometimes a movement, the work of this forty-something from London who lives in Berlin reveals a resolutely dematerialised perception of art. Art which he challenges by elusiveness, raised in the paroxysm of performance; but also art which he sets apart from a standardised art market. For Tino Sehgal transmits his works with “no written set of instructions, no bill of sale (purchases are conducted orally, in the presence of a notary), no catalogue, […] no pictures” (source: New York Times, 25/11/2007). This omnipresent immateriality is matched by an obviously ephemeral dimension, which has managed to seduce the greatest institutions. In 2005, he was the youngest artist to represent Germany at the Venice Biennale. Two years later, he carried out his first in situ museum performance across the Atlantic, at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago with Kiss: the artist used two dancers to cite the poses in famous artworks, from Klimt to Jeff Koons, via Brancusi. Ever since, he has multiplied solo shows all over Europe — in London, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Porto… — and his artistic concept has not ceased to surprise spectators. Activating the memory Grasping the works of Tino Sehgal is firstly a matter of activating one’s memory in order to catch hold of them. Founded on a space-time prism corresponding to the time of...

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Frédéric Rouzaud, 2016 winner of the Prix Montblanc des Arts et de la Culture

The Fondation Louis Roederer has been recognised for its commitment to artistic creation. The 2016 winner of the Prix Montblanc des Arts et de la Culture, Frédéric Rouzaud – CEO of Louis Roederer – has been raised to the status of a “great sponsor”. He founded the Fondation Louis Roederer in 2011, in order to structure and perpetuate the foundation’s sponsorship policy, which since 2003 has been aimed at great cultural institutions and confirmed or emerging artists. This year, the foundation was a partner of the Seydou Keïta exhibition at the Grand Palais, the Jean-Michel Alberola and Michel Houellebecq exhibitions at the Palais de Tokyo, and the Richard Avedon exhibition at the Bibliothèque Nationale de France opening on 18 October. The foundation also funds the Louis Roederer research grant every year. In addition, the institution supports numerous festivals and artistic events including Planche(s) Contact in Deauville, the Festival international d’Art Lyrique in Aix-en-Provence and the Prix de...

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Artist Rodrigo Braga shows in Paris with the support of SAM Art Projects

From 1 October to 18 December, Brazilian artist Rodrigo Braga will be holding his first solo exhibition in France, “Mer intérieure”, to be launched during the Nuit Blanche all-night event. The artist will be installing over 40 m3 in stones, weighing between 500 kg and 6 tons, in the pool on the esplanade between the Palais de Tokyo and the Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, to recall how the region was covered by sea during the prehistoric era. SAM Art Projects has partnered with Bouygues Bâtiment Ile-de- France, France-Lanord & Bichaton and Rocamat for the...

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Singapore pavilion entrusted to artist Zai Kuning

Artist Zai Kuning will be representing Singapore under exhibition curator June Yap at the 57th Venice Biennale, to be held from 13 May to 26 November 2017. Their proposal alludes to over 30 years of research by the artist into Malaysian history and culture in Southeast Asia. Born in Singapore in 1964, Zai’s work has been shown in a number of major group exhibitions, including “Who interprets the world?” at the Kanazawa Contemporary Art Museum in Japan, and “Secret Archipelago” (2015) at the Palais de Tokyo in...

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