Future\Pace: a new strategic partnership

Combining the gallery and curatorial expertise of Pace London, the cultural placemaking experience of Futurecity, and the collaborative energies of an international group of artists, the new strategic partnership Future\Pace offers a pioneering approach to commissioning art in the public realm.   We talk to Pace London President, Mollie Dent-Brocklehurst, and Futurecity Founder, Mark Davy, to discuss the idea of a cultural city; learning to speak the language of developers; the economic benefits of collaboration; and a new breed of artist.   How did the partnership between Futurecity and Pace London come about? Mark Davy: Mollie and I met when I was working on strategy for the Crossrail Culture Line, which is matching six of the new London Crossrail stations with six leading galleries and six international artists. Although there’s a real appetite at the moment for artists to create large-scale interventions in urban settings, it’s actually quite difficult to get artists to work in this context. Either they don’t have the teams behind them or they are inside a gallery system, which can be hard because you need to work in a very collaborative, open-ended way. Mollie and I were interested in the idea of a new group which gave developers, city organisations and authorities the opportunity to take on artists who could do large-scale works, who could work in a multi-disciplinary set-up, collaborate (which is not always easy for artists!) and deliver. Futurecity has been working in this area for about ten years: for example, Mark Wallinger’s White Horse at Ebsfleet, or Slipstream with Richard Wilson at Heathrow. We provide support with the strategic, structural element of the job: the indemnities, the insurances, the contracts and the project management. Pace London has the gallery and curatorial expertise, as well as being able to bring in very good,...

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Richard Learoyd represented by Pace Gallery and Pace/MacGill Gallery

The Pace/MacGill (New York) and Pace (New York, Beijing, London, Hong Kong) Galleries are now representing Richard Learoyd. Already represented by Fraenkel Gallery, Richard Learoyd produces photographs from archaic procedures, namely the camera obscura technique. The artist has recreated a darkroom allowing him to expose photo paper without using negatives. The distribution of light on the subject is directly printed on the photo paper without the intermediary of negatives, offering a pure image in direct contact with the subject. Learoyd’s photographs mainly represent individuals or still lifes. Their formats systematically exceed the original models, accentuating the illusion of the reproductions despite their physical link to the real world, hence exaggerating the mechanism of perception while also recalling certain techniques of the great Flemish masters. The Pace/MacGill Gallery is hosting an exhibition on Hiro from 25 February to 16 April...

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New David Hockney paintings at Pace Gallery

Until 10 January 2015, Pace Gallery New York (508 West 25th Street) is showing “Some New Painting (and Photography)”, David Hockney’s first exhibition in the United States since he left to spend a decade in East Yorkshire, UK. The exhibition features the first new paintings by the artist since 2009 and is Hockney’s second exhibition at Pace this year. He recently went back to Los Angeles, after returning to the landscape of his childhood in the UK. The works on show here demonstrate Hockney’s dedication to representing the human form, created using live models in the artist’s studio who he moves around, playing with time and space as he does so. Featuring recurring concerns of Hockney’s — art history, pictorial space and portraiture — each painting shows someone specific, yet instead of being representative he is more concerned about his study of pictorial space and perspective. The exhibition also shows photographic drawings, continuing his recent experiments with technology. David Hockney was born in Bradford in 1937 and whilst he is forever embracing new media, his work remains deeply rooted in...

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Pace Gallery progresses horizontally

New York, 27 November 2013, Art Media Agency (AMA). Pace New York is to present an exhibition featuring “a complete series of seven individual horizontal progressions” by Sol LeWitt, to run between 24 January and 22 February 2014. The estate of Sol LeWitt (1928 – 2007) has been represented by Pace Gallery since 2008. The artist is known for his prolific two and three-dimensional Wall Drawings, as well as his works on paper – including structures in the form of towers, pyramids, geometric forms and progressions. The artist is credited with re-defining artistic production in the 1960s, with the notion that “the idea becomes a machine that makes the...

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Charlie Manzo leaves Gagosian to direct Paddle8

New York, 12 August 2013, Art Media Agency. Charlie Manzo has joined Paddle8 as Director, according to an announcement made via website Gallerist NY. Manzo formerly spent two years working in sales at the Gagosian Gallery, having previously acted as assistant director and artist representative at Pace, where he worked for nearly a decade. In his new role at Paddle8, Manzo is to contribute to the development of the private sales department, and help curate the site’s auctions. The first sale he is to participate in will feature artist-designed surfboards, and opens on 21 August. Commenting on the move on Gallerist NY, Manzo stated: “I think this is a much younger place, and a little bit smaller. But as far as bringing things in on consignment and working with collectors, I don’t think it’s much different from Pace and Gagosian. The only thing is we don’t represent...

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