“Oscar Tuazon”

Oscar Tuazon or the necessity of sculpture

This year, Oscar Tuazon is taking over the Place Vendôme as part of the FIAC’s Hors les Murs programme. Using polyethylene pipe segments – usually employed for water-management purposes –, the American artist has come up with a (very) big-format work. Explanations. By using simple or everyday materials, Oscar Tuazon carries out experiments that are often connected with the environment. A practice which allows him to shine light to the ecological issues that are so dear to him. In this case, the theme of water, in relation with the history of Paris, a city where the artist lived for a few years. Tuazon takes a unique approach to his sculpture practice: he focuses as much on materials as he is nourished by his relationship to text and writing. Today represented in Paris by the Galerie Chantal Crousel, Oscar Tuazon lived in the French capital in the 2000s, and was cofounder of the gallery Castillo/Corrales in the Belleville district, along with critics Thomas Boutoux, François Piron and Benjamin Thorel. This research space – today closed, after eight years of existence – blended exhibitions and texts, debates and publishing. It was Oscar Tuazon who gave the venue its name, inspired by boxing fights. These days, the artist lives in Los Angeles, and continues to combine profoundly physical work with text, writing, poetry. For the carte blanche accorded to him by the Place Vendôme in Paris, he tells Art Media Agency that he immediately thought about a “horizontal monument. A human-scale monument that you can walk through. Like Gustave Courbet, who supported the demolition of the Vendôme column during Paris’ Commune period, this is the position I prefer for the column. It’s an ad hoc monument for water, in a city which was constructed around fluidity.” For the Place Vendôme, Tuazon has...

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Oscar Tuazon’s “Alone in an empty room”

Cologne, 12 February 2014, Art Media Agency (AMA). From 15 February to 13 July 2014, the Ludwig Museum in Cologne is to present the exhibition “Alone in an empty room”. The exhibition is to feature a unique installation by Oscar Tuazon, to take shape in various rooms throughout the museum. The artist creates structures which reveal the exhibition space and resist the constricting spatial logic imposed by buildings, in order to create spaces which appear to have been reconfigured. The exhibition is also to explore Oscar Tuazon’s manipulation of the divide between public and private spaces. Oscar Tuazon’s creative process is based on the abstraction of space. Preserving the language of Land Art and Minimalism, he creates installations in situ inspired by the places where he lives. He also works in partnership with builders and architects. His thinking draws heavily on the history of art, and is inspired by the works of Carl Andre and Richard Serra. Tuazon’s works are included in permanent collections in the Pompidou Centre, the Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris and the...

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