“Natural Heritage”

Global warming threatens heritage

A report published by the United Nations on 27 May 2016 lists 31 natural and cultural sites in 29 countries as being threatened by global warming. Amongst the 1,031 World Heritage sites, around thirty are said to be directly threatened in the short term by global warming. The report World Heritage and Tourism in a Changing Climate, drafted by UNEP, UNESCO and UCS (Union of Concerned Scientists), takes into consideration the impact of a general rise in temperatures, the melting of glaciers, the increase in sea levels, and the recurrence of natural disasters in certain regions of the world. Some threatened sites include Venice, Stonehenge, the Galapagos Islands or the Statue of Liberty. The report aims at raising awareness on the weakening of our heritage and our responsibility towards it. The tourism sector is called to coordinate its efforts to reduce carbon emissions and the impact of its activity on fragile sites. Following the Paris agreements in the wake of the COP21, this study reminds of the urgency to raise international consciousness about the threats overhanging world...

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