“Nathalie Obadia gallery”

Twenty years of artistic passion find a new home in the heart of Paris. Interview with Nathalie Obadia.

Paris, 7 February 2013, Art Media Agency (AMA). The Galerie Nathalie Obadia is celebrating its 20th year with the opening of a new space in the Marais district in Paris. A few days before this event, Art Media Agency met the renowned gallery owner in order to find out more about this new place and the strategy of the gallery. Art Media Agency (AMA): How did you come to own a gallery? Nathalie Obadia (NO): It was a childhood dream. I have always wanted to do this profession. My parents were collectors and I roamed with them: we visited museums throughout Europe, we met artists and gallery owners. We had great times. So I got an early taste of art. From the age of 15, I started taking internships in galleries during the school holidays. My first experience was with Adrien Maeght, rue du Bac, then with foreign merchants now extinct as Marie Louise Jeanneret, where I spent two summer months with great artists and collectors. This world has always enthralled me, because it is at the heart of creation, we meet interesting people such as artists, collectors, art critics. I studied law in college and then at Sciences-Po, always keeping in mind the will to open a gallery. We already felt a change, at the time, in the profession. The galleries were becoming international companies, more and more structured. After my studies, I worked with Daniel Templon from 1988 to 1992, and then I opened my gallery in 1993, when I turned thirty. In the midst of recession, many have tried to deter me, but for me, the crisis was not a bad thing: we were few to open a gallery and it allowed us to think with small financial resources in accordance with these complicated times. With...

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Constance Dumas appointed Head of the Nathalie Obadia Gallery in Brussels

Brussels, 15 November 2012, Art Media Agency (AMA). Constance Dumas has been appointed Head of the Nathalie Obadia Gallery in Brussels. She will officially take office from 30 November 2012 onwards. Her predecessor Sophie Hasaerts, will from now on work as an art adviser in Marie-Christine Gennart’s Contemporary Art team, as reports Blouin Artinfo. Constance Dumas, only 30 years old, has been acquainted with her new job from 31 October. Her career so far is described as “impressive” and “faultless”. After studying at the Sorbonne University and the Institut d’Etudes Supérieures des Arts, she has worked for the White Cube Gallery London, and Denise René, Suzanne Tarasieve and Bank galleries in Paris. In 2010 and 2011, she worked with Pierre Bergé and Chanel, and then led the artistic direction of the new Vuitton store on place Vendôme. In 2012, before being hired by Nathalie Obadia, she was Head of Communication and Marketing at the Museum of Air and Space at le...

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Pascal Pinaud at Nathalie Obadia gallery

Paris, 10 February 2012, Art Media Agency (AMA). Nathalie Obadia gallery is currently presenting, until 25 February, “Seven years of thinking about it” by artist Pascal Pinaud. He focuses on creating a connection between popular, decorative, familiar art and great paintings. The highlight of the exhibition is a three-meter high “charm tree”, a resin tree which 20,841 charms collected all over France have been glued to. “The result is a sculpture which has been sucked by many people, an artwork holding thousands of DNAs. It is also a tree of life, a trophy only for winners, kings and queens”, explains the artist. That artwork also refers to a theme dear to Pascal Pinaud, the collection, through the arrangement of Delft earthenware plates hung on the walls. Among the other exhibited artworks, the “Patères” series consists in the recycling of broken glass, that the artist reassembles: “In the meantime, I am inscribing myself in an approach of a recycling, in a desire to pick up the pieces without choosing the colour or the shape. I steal the craft and try to turn it into art”. Born in Toulouse in 1954, Pascal Pinaud works in Nice: he is a teacher at the villa d’Arson, where he does not hesitate to call upon his students, for the conception of his charm tree for...

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