“Nana Oforiatta-Ayim”

Nana Oforiatta-Ayim: a new model of showing contemporary art

Coinciding with the 60th anniversary of Ghana’s independence, the country’s capital Accra saw open a new multi-purpose contemporary art space. ANO aims to serve as a hub for the city’s growing art scene. Interview with Nana Oforiatta-Ayim, writer, art historian, filmmaker and founder of ANO.   ANO – what does this signify? It actually comes from the Ghanaian word for grandmother. In Ghana, grandmother or old woman, is a metaphor for knowledge and wisdom. ANO is very much also about bringing to the fore hidden or untold cultural histories, so she seemed like a very good metaphor for that. Also, in Esperanto it means belonging. When I started working in arts, African art was very much outside of the centre, so it is also about belonging to the world’s discourse and having our place. How was the idea for this new art space born? Last year I helped to set up a gallery, called Gallery 1957, in the Kempinski Hotel in Ghana. I had always realised the need for more sustainable spaces, but now understood the pragmatism of it. So more spaces that sell art, that invite collectors in and that give artists an opportunity to be sustainable and profitable. The space in the hotel was quite limited; a lot of people are very shy of coming into a five star hotel. So before, where we had been working more on content and narrative, now the idea of growth and even of profit, for growth, came into play. What are your plans for this space? It will be an exhibition space for exhibitions, performances and screenings, but it will also be a space for the creative community in Ghana to get together. So there is a library and a research centre. There will be lectures and workshops as well....

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Frieze announced Frieze Film participants

London, 5 July 2012, Art Media Agency (AMA). On 5 July 2012, Frieze announced the participant in its film series for the tenth edition of the art fair in London. The tenth edition of Frieze will take place from 11 to 14 October 2012 in Regent Park, London. The artists selected to create new works are Bertrand Dezoteux, Patricia Esquivias, Jimmy Merris, John Smith, and Wu Tsang. Sarah McCrory, exhibition curator of Frieze Film, said on the GalleristNY website on 5 July that the five artists would display very varied works, using different techniques. There are emerging and established artists. Artist Wu Tsang will display for the first time his new film filmed in collaboration with writer and historian Nana Oforiatta-Ayim. Both have united their fascination for otherness and the dropouts, explained Sarah...

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