“Mutt Gallery”

Horse painter exhibited at Mutt Gallery

Barcelona, 31 May 2011, Art Media Agency (AMA). “Napoleon” is the name of the four-year old horse exhibiting at the Mutt Gallery in Barcelona. The horse uses his mouth to grab the brush and the proceeds to paint on canvasses prepared by Catalan artist Sergio Caballero. Napoleon’s paintings are sold for between €3,300 and €6,000. According to an article published in the Telegraph, three private collectors are devoted admirers and support the animal’s oeuvre. Sergio Caballero declared he was trying to find a new process of creation reminiscent of Daniel Spoerri’s “snare-pictures”, completed by children. The exhibition, hosted at the Mutt Gallery, is entitled “Abstraction in the Stable” and features nine paintings by Napoleon.  Caballero has said of his protégé’s work: “It’s abstract expressionism. Sort of de Kooning in style”, as reported on...

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