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Noorderlicht International Photo Festival’s 22nd edition

From 23 August until 11 October, the Noorderlicht International Photo Festival will be hosting its 22nd edition in Groningen, Netherlands. This photo festival brings together internationally renowned photographers and multimedia artists. This year’s exhibition, entitled DATA RUSH, reflects on the complexity of being surrounded by virtual networks, but having limited control over our data, and focuses on the themes of confidentiality and surveillance. Curator Wim Melis says of the exhibition: “The data traffic, which affects all aspects of our lives and the entire virtual society, is invisible to the naked eye. How do you photograph something that is barely photographable?” Fifty artists have been brought together to show the struggle for digital freedom and data access. 3D installations will also be on display as well as collaborations with When Art Meets Science (WAMS). Fearless Genius, a documentary by Doug Menuez, will also be shown at DATA RUSH; it follows the technological endeavours of innovators like Steve Jobs and programmers in Silicon Valley, over a fifteen-year period. Noorderlicht will also exhibit PULSE, the second international group exhibition, focusing on the relationship of sixteen photographers with their surroundings. This exhibit will contrast DATA RUSH, and create a dialogue with it. In collaboration with Fotobookfestival Kassel, Noorderlicht will be presenting the project On Daido in an exhibit for the first time. This project pays tribute to Moriyami as well as photography in general, with other works by Antoine D’Agata, Ken Schles, and Alec Sloth, to name a few. MAKING ONESELF is an exhibition curated by Andrea Stultiens and Alexander Supartono, dedicated to photography studios in Uganda and South and Southeast Asia, and will be on display in the Noorderlicht Photography Gallery. The exhibit incorporates the use of commemorative materials with modern techniques and political contexts. Keep the Best of Your Life highlights how...

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“Stories of Change—Beyond the ‘Arab Spring'” exhibition gives a glimpse into Post-Arab Spring condition

Until 26 August 2015, the exhibition “Stories of Change—Beyond the ‘Arab Spring’” will be available for viewing at the Humanity House in The Hague, Netherlands. World Press Photo, the Dutch ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Humanity House have designed the “Stories of Change—Beyond the ‘Arab Spring’” exhibition. The aim of the exhibit is to show, from the inside, the everyday life of North Africa. The examined themes are varied and include the decline of tourism in Tunisia, African migrants in Algeria and the conditions of single mothers in Morocco among others. All the themes addressed by the photographers and multimedia artists have at least one point in common: they focus on the posterity of the Arab Spring and its consequences, positive or negative, on the population. In addition to the photographs displayed, “Stories of Change—Beyond the ‘Arab Spring’” provides contextual elements: videos are projected, as well as chronological friezes which retrace the strong moments of the Arab Spring with the aim of giving the viewer an exhaustive documentation. The set of photos, accompanied by the context in which they were taken, are available...

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INTER-ACT: art we touch

Hong Kong, 4 February 2013, Art Media Agency (AMA). K11, the first shopping centre of art, invites visitors to participate in works produced for interactive exhibition “INTER-ACT”. Hong Kongers can thus, from 8 February through 17 March 2013, play with works by six visual artists. This shopping centre, located in the skyscraper The Masterpiece in Tsim Sha Tsui – a South Hong Kong district – and exclusively dedicated to culture, offers new forms of interaction and display between the works and the public, with the communion of the art, people and nature as an Ariane’s thread. Through various mediums and new technologies, the goal is to arouse the curiosity of visitors for art through entertainment in a unique experience. They will be asked to respond to and with works by Taiwanese Scottie Huang and Chuang Chih-Wei, Japanese Takahiro Matsuo and TEAMLAB, sculptures of data visualisation by Hong Konger Tedy Lo or the “Reactable” by Spanish group Reactable Systems. The latter received extensive media coverage because of the originality of its concept: this interactive table enables anyone to produce music and sound effects with multiple opportunities. Events are broadcasted on TV Channel K11. Created by New World Development in 2009, K11 Concepts wishes to expand to other cities, such as Shanghai, Beijing,...

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James Clar at Carbon 12 Gallery

Dubai, 14 November 2012, Art Media Agency (AMA). The Carbon 12 Gallery is hosting an exhibition of American multimedia artist James Clar titled “Iris was a Pupil”, through 8 December 2012. As the title indicates, new works by James Clar explore the sensation of visual stimuli and tackle “a constant challenge of finding new points of view and a desire to look from different perspectives”. That may be the reason why his installations, made from light, attract the attention so much. Crossing borders is a recurring topic for this artist who lives and works both in Dubai and New York. “Beyond the redefinition of the limits and borders of mediums, he explores, on a metaphysical level, subjects such as nationalism and globalisation of the era of social technologies”. Here, he goes even further “blurring the lines which separate dream and reality, what is artificial and what is real”. Aesthetically, one could say that works by James Clar are close to Minimalism or early Conceptualism. This exhibition presents works made from raw materials and products. Consisting of light, graphs and other objects of all kinds, works by James Clar attempt to render a state of purity, the soul of multimedia art.            ...

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