Gallery Diet moving out of Miami’s Wynwood District

Wynwood district’s Gallery Diet in Miami, will be relocating after eight years in November. Its new home will be located at 6315 Northwest 2nd Avenue between Little Haiti and Little River. The move comes from director Nina Johnson-Milewski desiring to own a space “[…] that was close enough people could get to, but it was less important for me to be part of someone else’s vision for a particular area, and more important to have a little compound that I could control.” The new space, composed of four buildings— a 1940s storefront-turned-church, two-story residence, and loft space total 5,000 square feet, in addition to a 15,000 square feet outdoor garden space. Architect and interior designer duo Charlap Hyman & Herrero will undertake the project. The first solo exhibition to take place in the new location will be dedicated to Nicolas Lobo, with the outdoor furniture show “Trees in Odite” being on show in the garden area. An artist residency is also in the works for the new space, where artists will be able to live and produce works for their upcoming shows. Gallery Diet is known for its educational and outreach components within the Wynwood district of Miami with the aim of creating a global dialogue. It worked with the likes of artists such as Joshua Abelow, Phong Bui and Mark...

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Move is imminent for Salomon Contemporary

New York, 14 August 2013, Art Media Agency (AMA). The Salomon Contemporary gallery in New York has announced that it is to move, relocating to a new, third-storey space on 525-531 West 26th Street on 12 September 2013. An inaugural exhibition is entitled “Ned Smyth: Those Who Remember”, on display until 2 November 2013. The last exhibition featured at the gallery’s former location was “#SUMMERFRIDAYS”, which came to a close on 9 August 2013, and featured works by artists Thomas Beale, Jameson Ellis, Sebastian Errazuriz, Joey Frank, Elissa Goldstone, Alice Hope, Liz Markus, Maynard Monrow, Daniel Newman and Grear Patterson. The gallery represents artists Alice Aycock, Lawrence Weiner, Spencer Tunick and E.V....

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Art gallery Bureau to soon move

New York, 16 July 2013, Art Media Agency (AMA). The Bureau gallery in New York has announced that it will soon move to Norfolk Street, after the renovation of its new 1,800-sqm space. The gallery represents artists Erica Baum, Ellie Ga, Matt Hoyt and Julia Rommel. The owner of the gallery, Gabrielle Giattino, explained that she had been looking for a new space for over a year. The inaugural exhibition will be devoted to artist Tom Holmes. He had already benefited from an exhibition within the galleries former space in 2010. The distinct features of this artist’s work are the forms of his sculptures, which transform funerary objects such as tombs and urns into unusual and sometimes humoristic items. “He’s actually buying a funeral home and a graveyard in Tennessee to work in and to make this kind of Gesamtkunstwerk,” said Gabrielle...

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New location for Brian Gross Fine Art Gallery

San Francisco, 15 July 2013, Art Media Agency (AMA). Brian Gross Fine Art is to move from its current location at 49 Geary Street on 20 July 2013, and will open a new space at 248 Utah Street, which is to open its doors on 23 July 2013. From this date until 13 August 2013, the gallery will only be open upon request. The gallery is presently featuring an exhibition titled “Chad Buck: A Memorial Exhibition,” which began on 2 May 2013 and which is to continue until 20 July, when the gallery’s current location closes. The event features the works by Chad Buck, who died on 1 February 2013 at Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and aims to celebrate the career of the renowned...

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Change of address for the Postmasters Gallery

New York, 8 May 2013, Art Media Agency (AMA). New York gallery Postmasters has moved to the Tribeca district. After staying in East Village for four years, in Soho for ten and in Chelsea for fifteen, the gallery has moved once again to base itself at 54 Franklin Street. “We view this move as an incredible opportunity. Changing environments facilitates a chance to think, re-evaluate, and adapt according to one’s own priorities. Ours was to keep Postmasters Postmasters: to continue building the careers of the artists we represent and believe in, but also to allow for risk and experimentation in our programing; search for new forms of creative expression,” the gallery explained in a...

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