PhotoMonaco: “Experiencing photographic moments”

A brand new spot with a French Riviera flourish is springing up for spring, and will shortly be bringing its buzz to Monaco… From 5 to 8 April, PhotoMonaco, an international fair on artistic photography and collection, will be launching its first edition in the Principality. An interview with Renaud Siegmann, the event’s director.   He’s known for his commitment to images, and appreciated for his inspired take on contemporary creation for nearly 30 years now. After curating the Marrakech Art Fair in 2010 and 2011, and steering the Monaco Art Fair as its executive director in 2016, Renaud Siegmann is taking on the 8th art… The aim being to revisit the photographic medium in depth. As an active commentator on emerging scenes in places ranging from China to Brazil via Bahrain and Russia, this rigorous curator, formerly a cultural engineer for the Scottish Executive in Edinburgh, is delighted to be launching a new platform: an international fair on artistic photography and collection in Monaco. An event soaked in typically “Grimaldi” elegance, placed under the high patronage of Prince Albert II of Monaco. Its aim? To enlighten gazes, to play with light… In short, to trigger original encounters with images that will captivate the public. For this first edition, Renaud Siegmann is backing the notion of “experiencing photographic moments”. Intimate moments, characterised by fleeting beauty and literary nostalgia, that will make your pupils dilate… The theme is “Le Temps du Regard” (The Time of Vision), soon coming to Monaco!   In a cultural landscape filled with fairs and biennales where photography is already well represented, what’s special about PhotoMonaco? PhotoMonaco is special because it offers experience of the photographic moment. This is not yet another fair focusing solely on the commercial aspect. The cultural aspect is dear to me,...

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Catherine Alestchenkoff: Monaco, a balcony overlooking the sea

A stroll in Monaco, accompanied by Catherine Alestchenkoff, cultural events head of the Grimaldi Forum. A panoramic scan of the exhibition policy of this spot, as unique as it is distinctly Mediterranean. Her slender figure displays that distinctive Grimaldi elegance. You could say that she embodies the spirit of this place. On this morning, in the Larvotto district, Catherine Alestchenkoff looks out at the horizon. Despite being an art historian, she has no qualms about flirting with cultural marketing, organising “blockbuster” exhibitions at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco, where art takes on the allure of a big event. This vision of art that she promotes tends to be “chic and shock”, both cosmopolitan and refreshing. In short, we have before us true cultural engineering talent, renowned far beyond the 2 km² of this second-smallest State in the world. Her slimness may cause you to imagine her to be lightweight, but then you’d be mistaken: Catherine Alestchenkoffis is a war machine, a battering ram in elegant attire. At the head of artistic events at the Grimaldi Forum – a steel-and-glass mastaba overlooking the Bay of Monaco –, this is a lady who rocks the Riviera. In the space of fifteen years, she’s turned “this place without a collection” into the cultural showcase of the Principality. After completing a master’s in art history at the Sorbonne in 1982, then eight years as an archivist for exhibition catalogues (“Kees Van Dongen”, “Figures du moderne”…) at the Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, the young woman became an exhibition assistant, namely for the exhibition “André Derain, le peintre du trouble moderne”, in 1994. The following year, she joined the object-production department of Paris-Musées, where she was in charge of the design and editorial followup of derivative products. In February 2000, she...

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Louise Gréther named Director at Artcurial SAM in Monaco

Franco-British woman Louise Gréther has become Director of the new Artcurial SAM in Monaco. It was its international profile, linked to the economic weight of the Kingdom of Monaco-with a turnover in sales of well over €11 million and a GNP that increased to $7.24 million in 2008- that played a role in the election of leadership at Artcurial SAM. This decision is part of the sales development policy of sales specialists at auctions in Monaco, whose claimed purpose is sustainably established in the Principality. “With 10 years experience of auctions in the Principality and over 10,000 objects sold, we felt it was perfect timing to establish a permanent presence in Monaco. It is a unique location in the world, and thus has long been an attraction for Artcurial in developing our activities, which will be boosted by the appointment of Louise Gréther and the opening of our new development,” declared François Tajan, who co-chaired the auction house in 2005, alongside Francis Briest. The tenth session of auction sales will be launched in Monaco in the upcoming weeks. Nicolas Orlowski and Francis Briesla founded Artcurial in 2001. It is the first French auction house that holds voluntary public sales. It has several auctioneers, among them Francis Briest, Hervé Poulain and François Tajan. Louise Gréther, an economics and political science graduate following her studies in Scotland and the United States, will have the primary task of representing Artcurial, not only in Monaco, but also more broadly on the entire...

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Point Art Monaco & Jewels of the World 2015

From 22 until 26 July 2015, the Grimaldi Forum, in Monaco, is to host the fifth edition of Point Art Monaco, associated this year with the fine jewellery fair Jewels of the World, which is to simultaneously take place in the same location. The event, which brings together 16 art galleries both from Monaco and abroad, as well as five major jewellery brands, is to be called Point Art Monaco & Jewels of the World. Visitors will be able to discover pieces of archeology, works by both modern and old masters, antiquities, furniture, and fine jewellery. Under the patronage of S.A.S. Prince Albert II of Monaco, Point Art Monaco was launched in 2011 to follow on from the Biennale de Monaco and the Monte-Carlo International Fine Art & Antiques Fair, and so that the Principality could regain its place on the international art scene. The salon Jewels of the World was founded in 2013 by Valentina Vassileva, an international specialist of art salons and luxury, in Bakou,...

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The Prince Pierre of Monaco Foundation annonces nominees for PIAC 2015

The Prince Pierre of Monaco Foundation has unveiled the shortlisted works for the 46th edition of PIAC —the International Contemporary Art Prize, by artistic director Lorenzo Fusi. The 2016 selection includes its first work entitled Subconscious Society, a Feature (2014) by Italian artist Rosa Barba, who lives and works in Berlin. Through this cinematic installation, she explores the materiality of temporality by blurring the boundaries of time and place. The work was nominated by Chiara Parisi, director of cultural programmes at the Monnaie de Paris. The second work is Campo del Cielo, Field of the Sky (2014) signed by Katie Paterson. For this project, both poetic and conceptual, the artist, with the help of scientists, transformed a 4.5 billion year-old iron meteorite found in Argentina in order to create a new version. The work was nominated by Marc-Olivier Wahler, Director of Chalet Society in Paris. The third work is an audio installation entitled Pssst Leopard, 2A7+ made of lego and headphones, assembled by Natascha Sadr Haghighian. It is a grotesque copy of the German battle tank Leopard 2A7+, designed in order to appease the uprisings and protests in urban areas. The work was nominated by Nina Tabassomi, curator at the Fridericianum in Kassel. The PIAC is awarded every three years to an emerging artist, who is awarded €40,000 of which €20,000 is to fund a new production. For PIAC 2016, the finalists’ work will be exhibited in Brazil at the Sao Paulo Biennial in...

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