“Mike Weiss Gallery”

Mike Weiss Gallery represents Deborah Brown

The Mike Weiss Gallery in New York is representing the artist Deborah Brown. The work of Deborah Brown mixes history, literature and mythology which integrate together in a world of fantasy and subjectiveness. In some series, she uses images drawn from romantic and modern art. Playing on the mechanism of recognition and distortion, she uses iconic images in an unexpected context creating anthropomorphic characters. Assuming a humanist posture, she explores a wide range of emotions, going from despair to joy. Using this process, she reminds the viewer that the images are only distorted from human appearance and allow art and life to be intimately linked. The gallery presents a group show entitled ”School’s Out !” from 23 June to 6 August, with Deborah Brown, Jerry Kearns, Liao Yibai, Thrush...

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Mike Weiss Gallery now representing Valerie Hegarty

Mike Weiss Gallery in New York has recently announced that it is representing the artist Valerie Hegarty. Hegarty produces works which reimagine historical paintings after they have been subject to a test (often linked to their historical or cultural significance) such as fire, water, guns or earthquakes. She constructs the paintings as though they have been subject to this destruction, but on closer inspection by the viewer, it becomes apparent that it is entirely the work of the artist. The effect of this, as the museum describes it, is to make the audience “question authenticity”, which then extends “itself to our interpretations of reality in general.” Her 2013 exhibition, “Alternative Histories” at the Brooklyn Museum presented one of the museum’s period rooms in a completely reworked way, allowing the artist to draw attention to a darker side of its...

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Mike Weiss Gallery now representing Tom Fruin

New York, 5 December 2013, Art Media Agency (AMA). American artist Tom Fruin is now represented by New York-based gallery Mike Weiss. Fruin gained a name for himself through the work Water Tower, a tower made from coloured plexiglass and filled with water, which was installed outdoors in the borough of Brooklyn. The structure pays homage to New York and its water towers which adorn the roofs of its buildings, while the appearance of the work itself is reminiscent of the windows of churches. Until 10 December, the artist, who was born in 1974, is to present Maxikiosco, an installation in the form of a house – also created built using coloured plexiglass – on the gallery’s stand at Scope Miami...

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Mike Weiss Gallery presents “Aromako”

New York, 18 November 2011, Art Media Agency (AMA). The Mike Weiss Gallery is currently hosting Kaoruko’s first solo exhibition entitled, “Aromako”, until 7 January 2012. The exhibition title is a pun combining the artist’s name and the visual theme in his work: the complexity of Japanese women. The artist depicts half-naked women in their underwear, relaxing in private places and in domestic spaces, what the artist considers as intimate but not erotic painting. The almost bare bodies, conspicuously expressed far from any sense of modesty, which is regarded as inappropriate in the Japanese society, along with traditional Japanese women. Kaoruko likes to break the rules of society and put her traditional women into modernity. The artist uses different vivid colours in her works, which relate to the Pop Art culture, while the decoration and the environment scenes are directly influenced by Japanese traditional prints, especially by works tied with the Ukiyo-e — artistic movement from the Edo era that combines original narrative painting and Japanese woodblock prints. Kaoruko, born in Japan has an atypical career: she started as a singer in her homeland before creating art. Today, the self-educated artist lives in New York and works on her...

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