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AXA donates Thomas Hart Benton works to the Met

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York has received a big donation from insurance company AXA. In 2012, AXA already gave this museum a fresco by Thomas Hart Benton called America Today. This year, AXA is filling out its donation with all the drawings and studies relating to this fresco, now exhibited along with the latter, in the Met on 5th Avenue. Thomas Hart Benton was a prolific artist who produced a large number of sketches and drawings while he was young, especially from his trip to the United States’ Midwest and West following his father’s death in 1924. AXA’s donation comprises composition studies for five of the fresco’s ten panels, including Deep South and Instruments of Power, which once belonged to Jackson Pollock, one of Benton’s students at the Art Student League. Pollock played an important role in this large mural work, having posed for Benton during the fresco’s...

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The Metropolitan Museum of Art fires 34 employees

The Metropolitan Museum of Art has announced the dismissal of 34 employees as part of its measures to meet its $30 million deficit. These lay-offs represent 1.5 % of the museum’s team, and mainly concern the financial and digital departments. Earlier in the year, the museum already witnessed the departure of a few persons holding important executive roles, and parted ways with 57 employees nearing retirement...

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Paul Leffmann’s heir versus the Metropolitan Museum of Art

The heir of Paul Leffmann, a businessman of German-Jewish origin, launched legal proceedings against the Metropolitan Museum of Art last week, demanding restoration of Picasso’s painting, The Actor, painted in 1904-1905. The heir has declared that the museum is holding a work sold fast and cheap by the businessman to Parisian art dealers Hugo Perls and Paul Rosenberg, when he was forced to flee Nazi Germany in 1938. The work, sold at $13,200 at the time, is said to be worth over $100 million...

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Restriction on hotdog stands in front of the Metropolitan Museum of Art

The director of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Thomas Campbell, has declared noticing, since the renovation of the square in front of the museum, a rise in the number of hotdog vendors! “Just as we were finishing (the works), all these hotdog stands multiplied out of nowhere,” he told the ABC. “We had about 25 or 30 of them. It was like a wall, you couldn’t get to a taxi. Some people liked it because… it was very lively. But the smell was blowing in… Now there’s a limitation on the number,” he...

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Collector Jeffrey Gundlach donates $42.5 million to the Albright-Knox Gallery

The Albright-Knox Gallery in Buffalo has revealed that a $42.5 million donation was made to it by billionaire collector Jeffrey Gundlach, whose fortune is estimated at around $1.66 billion. The museum is therefore changing names and becoming the Buffalo Albright-Knox-Gundlach Art Museum. This windfall will go towards the museum’s extension project, entrusted to architect Shohei Shigematsu, from Rem Koolhaas’ architectural firm OMA. The firm recently designed the scenography for the exhibition “Manus x Machina” at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and for US artist Taryn Simon’s performance at the Park Avenue Armory in New York. According to the museum, the donation encouraged the whole of the Buffalo community to support the project, and over $40.5 million were gathered from private companies, individual donors and foundations. The museum can also count on $20 million from the government, including $15 million from the State of New...

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