“Maya Lin”

Maya Lin exhibition at Pace in London

London, 4 April 2013, Art Media Agency (AMA). From 22 March to 11 May 2013, the Pace Gallery in London is housing the works of American artist Maya Lin, who is presenting “Here and There.” For her first exhibition in London, the artist draws her interest on nature through sculptures and drawings. The exhibition is a reference to “Here” with London, but also to “There” in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Arctic. Lin creates sculptures that explore the natural world as it is in the 21st century. Her works are created with a single material – marble, wood, silver or steel. She reveals things that are often hidden under the surface or beyond sight. Among the works presented at the Pace Gallery, there is a marble sculpture on the theme of the Meridian titled Greenwich Mean Time. Maya Ying Lin (1959) is an architect, designer and artist. She became known while working on the design of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington,...

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What Is Missing : Maya Lin playing her last card

New York, 19 April 2012, Art Media Agency (AMA). The artist and architect Maya Lin, known for her memorials, about the Vietnam War and human rights, set up in the United States, launched the second phase of her project What Is Missing. This project, taking the shape of an Internet webpage, is described by Maya Lin as her “last memorial”. What Is Missing has depicted since its creation an interactive work where each animal and vegetable species whose extinction (from 15,000 BC to today) was listed in scientific annals is depicted by a dot. The visitor can ask the webpage to place this dot either on a world map, to know the geographical scope in which the species was located for the last time, either on a time line, to know when it became extinct. This final work aims at making the visitor aware of the acceleration of extinctions regarding animal species during these last fifty years. By clicking on the dot, one finds data and information about a precise species and about the measures carried out to protect it. For example, the visitor can learn that from the 13th century, sovereigns of Eastern Europe had banned the hunting of aurochs so as to slow down the species’ dwindling. For this second phase, launched on the occasion of Earth Day 2012, the map also depicts fragile environments and the organizations working to preserve these ecosystems. By clicking on the dots, we gain access, this time, to a video made for What Is Missing and illustrating the related theme. The work’s third phase, planned for Earth Day 2013 will depict Eco-Friendly consumption and production models, in brief the solutions to live in harmony with Earth and, according to the webpage, balance our needs with the planet’s needs. Another of the...

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