“Maria Callas”

Cindy Sherman to play Maria Callas in Francesco Vezzoli film

Francesco Vezzoli has directed a film about the Greek singer Maria Callas in which Cindy Sherman is to play the title role. The film will be released in September 2015 in Athens. The film will be shown during a performance of Rufus Wainwright’s Prima Donna, an opera about the prospects of an ageing soprano. In Francesco Vezzoli‘s film, photographer Cindy Sherman will play an ageing Maria Callas, tying in with the themes of Wainwright’s work. The Italian director said, “The film depicts fictional, pivotal chapters of the singer’s life and career, in her full glory and darker situations, showing her fading away.” For the project Cindy Sherman had to wear costumes worn by the famous singer, lent by the Tirelli costumes archive in Rome. Justifying his choice to cast Cindy Sherman, Vezzoli said, “Of all postwar artists, she has explored human identity in all its facets in the deepest ways.” Francesco Vezzoli‘s works will be the subject of an exhibition at the Almine Rech Gallery from 8 September until 3 October 2015. The installation piece Eternal Kiss, composed of two marble sculptures, bought at auction, will be on...

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