“The Golden Age of Marine Maps” at the BnF

Paris, 6 July 2012, Art Media Agency (AMA) “L’Age d’or des cartes marines” (The Golden Age of Marine Maps) is an exhibition that will take place at the National Library of France from 23 October 2012 to 27 January 2013. A selection of 200 objects which date from 14th to the 18th century and are related to marine geography such as maps, globes, astronomical instruments, but also paintings, engravings, manuscripts and other art objects will be on display. This exhibition is placed under the patronage of Esri France, first editor of SIG software (Geography information system) since 1969, sharing the same values as the BnF, it is therefore natural that the bringing together of these two categories was done. Rony Gal, General Director-President of Esri France declared in his press release: “This project is completely coherent with our philosophy and our values, notably the opening of the world and the transmission of knowledge. This exhibition brings together both the origins of cartography and, via the BnF laboratory, the most recent technologies allowing us to reinsert the historical vision of the territory in today’s...

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Rare monumental map of American Revolution to be put up for auction

New York, 9 November 2011, Art Media Agency (AMA). A Revolutionary War map will be put up for auction by Christie’s New York, on 15 November. The manuscript, estimated between $1-1.5m, is included in the autumn sale, Fine Printed Books and Manuscripts. This rare map is the only one of five copies, which has been kept in private hands, as the others are already placed in institutions or libraries. Produced by the cartographer Charles Auguste de Gironcourt (1756-1811) in 1780, this monumental map (211cm x 198cm) represents, in a remarkably detailed way, the numerous battles and the military expansion during the last years of the American Revolution. The map, hand-drawn in pencil and coloured in watercolours, illustrates the troops’ movements, the natural landscape and the towns and other man-made constructions such as bridges and roads near New York. The map comes from direct descedants to Sir William...

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Bonhams sells first ever printed map of Cornwall

Oxford, 28 September 2011, Art Media Agency (AMA). A collection of 80 historical maps of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly were sold for a total of £45,000 during the map and book auction at Bonhams in Oxford. Among the best results was the first ever printed map of Cornwall made for the first atlas of England and Wales. It was printed in 1576 during the reign of Elisabeth I. The extremely colourful and detailed map was sold for £10,000 with an estimation of £6000 to 8000. The maps were collected for 40 years by Peter Dewhurst. Bonhams’ expert in Oxford, John Walwyn-Jones declared in a press release: “This was an outstanding collection of maps which had been put together with great care and discrimination and I am not surprised that it attracted so much...

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Library of Congress acquires rare map

Fargo, 22 June 2011, Art Media Agency (AMA). Don Homuth from Oregon, the United States, has presented a remarkable gift to the Library of Congress: a 120-year old map supporting the claim that the world is flat. Homuth affirms that he received the map from one of his teachers. The spokesperson for the Library of Congress, Robert Morris, told the press that the institution processed no less than seventy-five maps before confirming that they were in possession of a one-of-a-kind piece. He added that the only known copy of the map is at the Pioneer Museum in Hot...

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