Joseph Koudelka’s retrospective at Mapfre Foundation

From 10 September until 20 November 2015, the Mapfre Foundation in Madrid, Spain, is to host the most comprehensive retrospective of Josef Koudelka’s career to date, entitled “Nationalité incertaine”. Franco-Czech photographer Josef Koudelka worked for the Magnum Photo agency for over forty years. He has notably photographed gypsies from Eastern Europe, the invasion of Prague in 1968, as well as his own exile into the United Kingdom. Somewhere between photojournalism and art photography, his work has been awarded the National Grand Prix of photography (1989), the Grand Prix Henri Cartier-Bresson (1991), and the Hasselblad Foundation International Award in Photography (1992). The retrospective, which includes more than 150 works, is organised by the Art Institute of Chicago and the J. Paul Getty Museum in association with the Mapfre Foundation. Born in 1938, Joseph Koudelka began his engineering career in the post-Stalin period, while achieving landscape photographs that enabled him to travel to Slovakia, Poland and Italy. In 1970, following the invasion of Prague by troops of the Warsaw Pact in 1968, he sought asylum in the United Kingdom, where his photographs of the Soviet intervention earned him the Robert Capa Gold Medal. Koudelka has been the subject of solo exhibitions at MoMA (1975), Kunsthaus Zürich (1977), and at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography...

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“ASTRONOMY. Incursions into the cosmos” at La Casa Encendida

The social and cultural centre La Casa Encendida is hosting the exhibition “ASTRONOMY. Incursions into the cosmos”, until 30 August 2015. The ambitious exhibition, curated by Danielle Tilkin, immerses the viewer in the complex world of the cosmos through its reflection on contemporary art. The exhibition brings together international artists of different generations that, since the 1950s, have reflected upon, researched or interpreted innumerable phenomena surrounding the astral, the cosmic, and the scientific in order to produce works in which the imagination, fantasy, and creativity engage with space, politics, science, and technology. The fascination of members of the kinetic art, cybernetics, and Zero group movements in Europe with outer space and the cosmos provides a stimulus for the exhibition, with videos by Nicolas Schöffer and Gyula Kosice, as well as works by Paul van Hoeydonck, who with his small sculpture The Fallen Astronaut became the first artist to hold a solo exhibition about the moon in 1971. Based on over two years of research, the show is a reflection on science fiction, space, and the universe through photographs, videos, paintings, and sculptures by artists such as Alfonso Borragán, Robert Dimatteo, Evrugo Mental State, Greatest Hits, Keith Haring, Susan Hiller, Mike Kelley, Yves Klein, Robert Llimós, Isamu Noguchi, Tony Oursler, Nicolas Schöffer, Peter Stichbury, Angelo Vermeulen, and Michael Zansky, amongst...

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“Fibre Futures” at the Maison de la culture du Japon

The realm of contemporary Japanese arts is a meeting place where diverse media and materials come together in fruitful, if often unexpected, combinations. AMA discovered the world of Japanese artist Takashi Suzuki, who finds inspiration in the humble sponge – not in terms of what the material represents, but rather in its potential for transformation. This fascination with the exploration and metamorphosis of textiles is evident throughout the works of the 30 Japanese artists on show at the Maison de la Culture du Japon as part of the “Fiber Futures” exhibition. Under the watchful eye of curators Hiroko Watanabe and Joe Earle, the exhibition, which first took place in New York in 2011, and has travelled the world, stopping in San Francisco, Helsinki, and Madrid, and is currently on show in Paris until 11 July 2015. AMA attended the Paris opening of the globe-trotting exhibition, where the still little-known phenomenon of “fibre art” took centre stage. Having emerged in the 1960s, “fibre art” still maintains a strong following today, with several highly active hubs around the world, including in the United States and Switzerland, and particularly in the city of Lausanne, which hosted the first Biennale internationale de la tapisserie in 1962. In Japan, however, textile art plays a slightly different role, acting as a framework through which artists are able to re-examine their ancestral traditions through a contemporary lens. Indeed, the country boasts a rich history of dyeing and weaving, techniques which, more recently, have been reappropriated by Japanese contemporary artists. One such artist is Jun’ichi Arai, who comes from six generations of weavers, and whose works, such as Rideau de magasin ininflammable (or) (2005) are created using a polyphenylene sulphide film and gilded with vacuum-deposited aluminium. Yet despite this seemingly high-tech approach, the artist calls upon the local artisans from his home town of Kiryu to collaborate in his work, combining a forward-looking outlook with a respect for...

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ARCOmadrid 2016

Organised by IFEMA, the art fair ARCOmadrid is to return to the Spanish capital from 24 to 28 February 2016, in celebration of its 35th anniversary. The 2016 edition of the fair will be entitled “Imagining other futures”. The fair is to host 35 galleries from around the world selected by a board of curators, for which the application period is open until 3 July 2015. The fair will be curated by María de Corral, Catalina Lozano, and Aaron Moulton, who have said of the fair’s upcoming edition: “Throughout the last 35 years, ARCOmadrid has established itself as an essential stop on the international contemporary art scene. The special 35th Anniversary section will pay tribute to this history by presenting artists from different generations side-by-side, and establishing a dialogue to show the diversity of today’s artistic practice.” The fair’s interest in the Latin American art scene will continue next year through the “Solo Projects” section, which will be curated by Irene Hofmann and Lucía Sanromán, who will select artistic creations from the...

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SUMMA contemporary art fair Madrid

Two years after its inaugural edition held in 2013, the Madrid fair SUMMA is to once again return to Matadero, one of the most cultural spaces in Madrid, from 10 until 13 September 2015. The international multimedia fair is this year to host, in addition to general and interdisciplinary programming, a new section entitled “Trasos”, which will explore the links between the 20th century and contemporary art, drawing a chronological continuity of artistic practices through museum-quality works. SUMMA also puts photography in the spotlight with Photo Madrid, a section involving both galleries specialising only in this medium, and other galleries presenting both photographs and other mediums. Thus, a wide selection of paintings, drawings, sculptures, graphic works, multiples, photographs, art books, magazines, and specialised publications will be on offer from the various invited galleries. The names of these galleries, selected by a cross-committee and the fair’s director, Paco de Blas, are to be released at a later...

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