Self-cleaning fresco in Macedonian church

Skopje, 11 April 2012, Art Media Agency (AMA). The Sveti Dimitrije (Saint-Démétrius) church in Skopje, built in the 18th century, saw a record number of visitors over Orthodox Easter. The priest of this religious building first remarked on the strange phenomenon, and did not hesitate to describe it as a “miracle”. The church’s icons and frescos, turned black by candle soot, apparently clean themselves from top to bottom. According to a release from AFP, one of the agency’s journalists has confirmed the reality of the phenomenon. According to Macedonian information site Idividi, such a case was apparently observed in Russia in the 1930s. The website’s article also states that some of the icons and frescoes of the Sveti Dimitrije church are over 100 years old, whilst others date from 1963 when an earthquake damaged the...

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