MACBA organizes an exposition inspired by Georges Perec

Until 31 January 2016, the MACBA, in Barcelona, Spain, will organize an exhibit entitled “Species of Spaces”, inspired by the eponymous work by Georges Perec. 50 works will be presented in a unique structure conceived by architecture cabinet MAIO. Two galleries from the museum will host the exhibit and will be separated in thirteen distinct spaces, with the goal of recreating typologies of the novel by Perec. “Species of the Spaces” is the interpretation curator Frederic Montornés has done on the novel. It is a reflection on the different types of spaces mapping articulations between the public and private spheres. The structure of the space is a fundamental element of the exhibit, giving a feeling of coherence to the presented works: the spaces dedicated to the private sphere are cabins, while those representing the public sphere are much airier and more diaphanous. For the event, Luz Broto created an installation which connects the interior with the exterior of the museum, as well as the different floors. In total, 40 artists will be exposed, including Lucio Fontana, Gordon Matta-Clark and Gerhard Richter. Their works have in common the questioning of the notion of space and create a true reflection on this topic. The exhibited works have been issued by MACBA as well as other public and private...

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Sergi Aguilar at MACBA

Until 31 January 2016, The Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art (MACBA) is hosting a retrospective exhibition dedicated to Sergui Aguilar, entitled “Sergi Aguilar. Reverse/Obverse (1972–2015)”. The exhibition presents works that recount Aguilar’s research over the past four decades in a non-chronological order. Instead, it revolves around five sections linking the major themes explored by the artist with the thematic cycles of different periods in his career. Following the example of the inaugural section “Eines i mesuradors” (Tools and measures), the eponymous title of series that began in 1974 and continued to grow until 2014, the various sections present the tensions around which the artist’s creative practice and process are defined. The exhibition highlights the dialogue established by the artist between the object and its implementation, the artificial and the natural, moderation and accumulation, and the place and displacement. It offers a way of entering into the artist’s studio, through accumulation but also through the underlying relationships that we see developing between the different proposals. This interdisciplinary and shifting vision is driven by the artist’s new interpretations of his work and the pedestals that he has created specifically for this exhibition. Born in 1946 in Barcelona, Sergi Aguilar studied at the Massana School and the Conservatory of Book Arts in Barcelona. Influenced by his encounter with the works of Julio Gonzalez and Brancusi, he enforces his artistic vision by emancipating himself from formalistic interpretations. His works can be found in the collections of museums such as the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York, the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia in Madrid, the Chase Manhattan Bank, and the Fundación Caixa de Pensions...

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MACBA’s Director Bartomeu Marí resigns

MACBA’s Board of Trustees has accepted Director Bartomeu Marí’s resignation following the censorship of the exhibition “The Beast and the Sovereign”. The board will immediately initiate an international open competition with a committee of experts for the selection of the new director. Having called an emergency meeting following the events, MACBA’s Board of Trustees also confirmed that it is to terminate with immediate effect the responsibilities of the Chief Curator, Valentín Roma, and the Head of Public Programmes, Paul B. Preciado, due to an irrecoverable loss of trust in their work on the part of the director. Both had been appointed to these positions on 13 January 2015. Joan Abellà, Chief Executive Officer of the MACBA Consortium, has also handed in his resignation. Bartomeu Marí has worked for the MACBA for his eleven years, the last seven of which he served as Director. Marí’s resignation will not be put into effect until a new appointment has been made in order to ensure the ordinary functioning of the Museum and the normal development of the 2015 exhibition...

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Contemporary art questions modernity at the MACBA

Barcelone, 8 November 2013, Art Media Agency (AMA). The Museu d’Art Contemporani in Barcelona (MACBA), and the foundation “la Caixa” are presenting, for the first time in Barcelona, works of contemporary art which explore the various agreements and disagreements between modernity and the avant-garde. These tensions are examined through old documents and art works, as well as contemporary creations and new visual languages. The exhibition, entitled “Art, Two Points; Barcelona Lives Contemporary Art”, which is to run until 6 January 2014, confronts the city of Barcelona with an innovative and experimental dialogue. Barcelona’s entrance into modernity has been marked by its architecture, graphic and applied arts, as well as poetic experimentation. The exhibition looks back over this modern period, up to the point when the avant-garde was institutionalised, during the 80’s and...

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Lawrence Weiner at the MACBA

Barcelona, 8 March 2013, Art Media Agency (AMA). From 8 March to 24 June, the Barcelona museum of contemporary art MACBA is presenting an exhibition devoted to Lawrence Weiner, major figure of American conceptual art. The exhibition, titled “Written in the Wind”, focuses on drawings, that were rather confidential part of Weiner’s work. As suggested by the title of the event, text holds a central place in his artistic production. Lawrence Weiner earned recognition for his Statements, published in 1968 – comprised of 24 statements of visual pictures which led to the theorisation of conceptual art and established him as one of the main artists of the movement. During this period, he theorised language as an object and participated in numerous international exhibitions. He was present at Documenta 13 in Cassel, in...

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