HSBC Photography prize winners at Galerie Le Réverbère

Winners of this year’s HSBC Photography prize, Maia Flore and Guillaume Martial, are to have their work exhibited at Lyon’s Galerie Le Réverbère from 2 April until 2 May 2015. The photographers, whose works will be exhibited in several venues following the Lyon show, were selected from a shortlist of 12 nominees chosen by this year’s artistic director François Cheval. According to Cheval, Flore’s work is “very much rooted in her physical characteristics, her long red hair and pale skin, all the while avoiding any sense of exhibitionism,” while Martial “places his body in the context of a necessarily restrictive geometry”. Following the Lyon exhibition, the show will travel to a further four locations: Galerie Esther Woerderhoff, Paris; Musée de la Photographie André Villers, Mougins Village; L’ Arsena, Metz; and Maison de la Photographie, Letz. For the past 20 years, the HSBC Photography Prize has provided an important platform for emerging photographers, helping them further their careers and achieve wider recognition. In addition to the travelling exhibition, winners of the prize will have their works compiled in a monographic catalogue published by Actes...

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Inauguration of Galerie des Tuiliers, Brussels

Established in Lyon 14 years ago, the Galerie des Tuiliers is preparing for the inauguration of its second gallery space at 200 rue Haut in Brussels. The inaugural exhibition is to open 15 November 2014. Running until 7 December 2014, the exhibition is to feature seven relatively unknown artists: Albert Bitran (1931, Istanbul), Soly Cisse (1969, Senegal), Fabienne Comte (1963, Lyon), Michele Destarac (1943, France), Catherine Lopes-Curval (1954, France), Flore Sigrist (1985, France) and Wang Yan Cheng (1960, China). Despite the international range of this first exhibition, the gallery generally focuses on French contemporary artists such as Olivier Debré, Thibaut de Réimpré, Bengt Lindström and Yasse Tabuchi, who are all represented by the...

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Artprice begins its mobile takeover with new dashboards and indexes

On 2 September 2014, Artprice announced the release of a new dashboard and both free and paying indexes, designed specifically to be accessed from mobile devices, and to be accessible to a greater number of people. The society has stated that in doing so they hope to “respond to the mass of 70 million” art lovers, and not only an elite group. The society, who recalls that they are “the only group to produce very reliable data, about huge amounts of information with very specific demands, according to the repeat sales method”, now offers information about an artist, the number of their works sold per year, their annual turnover, their rate of unsold works, the geographical spread of their sales by country, the spread of their works by price range and/or by discipline, all available to be viewed on smartphone, tablet or computer. Furthermore, the buyer or seller will be able to compare different curves, allowing them not only to assess the two, but to also analyse the evolution of an artist’s market, comparing it to the main stock markets such as the S&P 500, the DAX, the CAC40, the FTSE, the NIKKEI, and the S&P Asia 50. Artprice has specified that a large majority (4 out of 5) of elements of the data will be free, thereby continuing their policy based on the “freemium”, judging this model validated by the 54% increase in turnover in the second trimester. Artprice shares rose by more than 4% in the Paris stock exchange on 2 september at 10:30.    ...

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Art Market Trends 2013

Lyon, 6 March 2014, Art Media Agency (AMA). Art Market Trends 2013,the annual report on the art market from Artprice, was published on 4 March 2014. The report provides insight into the international art market, using quantifiable data — revenue made at auction — as its principal resource. With a total revenue of $12.2 billion, 2013 breaks the record for the best year to be recorded in auction history. In 2003 the same market only just exceeded the $2 billion limit. This figure denotes a substantial increase in the price of artwork, given that only twice as many works were sold in 2013 as in 2003. Moreover, according to the Artprice Global Index,  prices increased by 15% in 2013 alone. Among prominent report figures features the evident lag in sales in the United Kingdom when compared with rivals China and the USA. In 2012, the three leaders in the field achieved a similar success rate, making a revenue in the region of $3.4 billion each. However, in 2013, China — still number one in the global market — and the US made a revenue of around $4 billion each in auction sales, compared with only $2.1 billion made by the UK. The Sino-American duopoly therefore strengthens its hold this year with over 70% of the market. In addition, the art market appears to be distinctly influenced by certain personalities and institutions. Given that 92% of lots are sold at less than $50,000, the top 500 artists make 75% of market revenue — 9 billion euros — selling only 12% of lots. The number of records broken is equally staggering : 15,000 artist records were broken in 2013, an average of  41 per day. According to Artprice, the predominance of a small number of artists is due to the stronghold over...

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The art market experienced worldwide growth in 2013

Lyon, 19 February 2014, Art Media Agency (AMA). The global sales total, fees not included, for public art auctions in 2013 was $12.05 billion, according to figures supplied to Agence France Presse by Artprice. After a decrease of more than 9% in 2012, sales improved by 13% last year, stimulated by the Chinese and American markets, which both vied for the top place. With sales of $4.078 billion (+21%) in 2013, China emerged as the world leader for the fourth year in a row, just in front of the United States’ result of $4.016 billion, an increase of 20%. The United States’ share of the market has risen to 33.33%, while China’s has decreased to 33.84%. Together, the two countries occupy around two thirds of the global market. Behind these two giants, the UK holds the title of third place with sales of $2.11 billion and a market share of 17.57%; meanwhile France comes in in fourth place with sales of $549 million and a market share of 4.56%. Germany takes the fifth spot with sales of $207 million, followed by Switzerland’s $159 million. As far as artists are concerned, Andy Warhol comes out on top for the highest sales total in 2013 with a result of $361 million, just beating Pablo Picasso ($361 million), Zhang Daqian ($291 million), Jean-Michel Basquiat ($250 million), Qi Baishi ($230 million), Francis Bacon ($195 million), Gerhard Richter ($165 million), Roy Lichtenstein ($140 million), Zao Wou-ki ($139 million) and Claude Monet ($137 million). Regarding auction houses, Artprice placed Christie’s in first position with a worldwide sales total of $3.55 billion, in front of Sotheby’s $3.1 billion. Poly International Auction came in third, and China Guardian Auctions...

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