“Louise Nevelson”

Louise Nevelson at Cardi Gallery, Milan

From 9 October until 20 December 2014, Cardi Gallery, the Milan-based contemporary and Modern art gallery, is to display a range of 30 works by the artist Louise Nevelson. The exhibition will present collages and sculptures created by the artist between 1955 and 1970, a period which marked the emergence of her trademark Modernist style. Louise Nevelson was a crucial figure in the American sculpture scene of the 20th century. Her work challenged the assumption that women could not make large-scale works, turning her into an icon of the feminist art movement. She said about her work: “Sometimes it’s the material that takes over; sometimes it’s me that takes over. I permit them to play, like a seesaw. I use action and counteraction, like in music, all the time. Action and counteraction. It was always a relationship – my speaking to the wood and the wood speaking back to...

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Black Light at Ida Pisani’s Prometeogallery

Milan, 19 September 2013, Art Media Agency (AMA). Ida Pisani’s Prometeogallery is currently presenting “Nero Luce” (Black Light), an exhibition featuring works by Alberto Burri, Louise Nevelson, Nunzio di Stefano and Rossella Biscotti. Curated by Bruno Corà, the exhibition is to run until 18 October 2013. Each of the presented artists create works produced in black only, though employ a variety of techniques and materials. Despite this, the exhibition focuses on the importance of luminosity, with a press release describing the pieces as “the battle of light against darkness”. Works by Alberto Burri display “radical balance”, whilst Louise Nevelson focuses on the treatment of the painting’s surface. Nunzio di Stefano blackens works using soot from burnt wood, whilst Rossella Biscotti’s practice features an invented figure that “carries light”. The exhibition represents a rare reflection on black as a non-colour and negation of...

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