“Louise Lawler”

“Tracings” by Louise Lawler

From 2 July to 23 August, Sprüth Magers is to exhibit “No Drones” by Louise Lawler in their London space. On this occasion, the artist’s tracings — created for an exhibition at Ludwig Museum in 2013 — are presented on vinyl stuck directly on to the wall. Produced in collaboration with artist and children’s book illustrator John Buller, the tracings are black and white line drawings produced directly from photographs. Each edition is available as an adaptable digital file that can be printed into any size. A tracing can only take material form through display, and can be destroyed and remade in a different size, giving the option of multiple different presentations. Louise Lawler, born in 1947 in Bronxville (United States), lives and works in New York. Her work has been displayed at Dia: Beacon (New York, 2005), The Photographers’ Gallery (London, 1997) and MoMA (New York,...

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Louise Lawler explores the concept of exhibition at Yvon Lambert

Paris, 12 February 2014, Art Media Agency (AMA). From 14 March to 19 April 2014, the Yvon Lambert gallery in Paris is to exhibit “No Drones”, an exhibition dedicated to the work of Louise Lawler. The works on display were originally created for the artist’s recent retrospective in Cologne’s Ludwig Museum, which closed on 26 January 2014. “No Drones” features a series of black-and-white vinyl murals, developed from photographs taken by the artist of works of art in museums, private collections, auction houses etc. Lawler has been influenced by early avant-garde Deconstructivism, and she continues to draw on this technique with a resolutely conceptual photographic style. Lawler is interested essentially, much like Marcel Duchamp or Yves Klein, in what exactly makes a work of art and in what creates the essence of art – exploring the logical processes behind an exhibition. With these vinyls, which consist of simple black lines on white backgrounds, the artist exposes the exhibition space itself and invites us to reflect on the importance of context in our own aesthetic...

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“Last Exit: Pictures”

Geneva, 20 March 2012, Art Media Agency (AMA). Blondeau Fine Art Services (BFAS), an exhibition space in Geneva, is hosting “Last Exit: Pictures” until 21 April 2012. The exhibition will feature works by the following artists: Troy Brauntuch, Jack Goldstein, Louise Lawler, Sherrie Levine, Robert Longo, Allan McCollum, John Miller, Steven Parrino, Richard Prince, David Robbins, David Salle, Laurie Simmons, Alan Vega and James Welling. The show is been based around London’s Image Division collection, and aims to explore the problems and issues that were current between 1976 and 1989. For example, the exhibition looks at the rivalry between photography and painting, but also appropriationist theories which were fiercely debated at the time. The title is a reference to a Thomas Lawson work, which was released in 1981, advocating the the importance of painting in the emergence of this practice. At the heart of the exhibition is an interest in displaying “images” in every possible state (appropriated, displaced, painted, photographed, combined etc.) and to follow their transfer from one medium to another. With digitalisation and subsequent hyper-availability of information in the 1990s and 2000s, a completely different approach to images, their representation, and the ways in which they are presented have been radically changed, both in art and in...

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Louise Lawler at Sprüth Magers Gallery in London

London, 27 October 2011, Art Media Agency (AMA). Sprüth Magers Gallery in London will present from 23 November to 23 December 2011 Louise Lawer’s latest works. “No Drones” will be the artist’s first exhibition in England for the last four years and the second one organised by Sprüth Magers in its London location. Lawler will display two photographic works print in vinyl specially design to cover entirely two walls of the gallery. Since the 1970s, the American Louise Lawler has taken photographs of other people’s artworks and the context in which it is viewed. She questions the public reception of a an object and the role of the scenographic environment in the spectator’s comprehension of art. Artist will present in London gallery two works, entitled Civilians (2010) and No Drones (2010) which are based on Gerhard Richter’s paintings, Mustang-Staffer (1964) and Schädel (1983) displayed at Albertinum Museum in Dresden. Louise Lawler has been exhibited in numerous prestigious institutions such as Centre Pompidou, Museum of Fine Arts in Boston or at Museum fur Gegenwartskunst in...

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