“Louis Tomasello”

“Dalí: Mind of a Genius” at ArtScience Museum

Singapore, 5 August 2011, Art Media Agency (AMA). The ArtScience Museum in Marina Bay Sands is hosting the exhibition “Dalí: Mind of a Genius”, on view until 30 October. The event will feature a range of media, divided into three parts: “Femininity and Sensuality”, “Religion and Mythology” and “Dreams and Fantasy.” “Femininity and Sensuality” explores Dalí’s representation of the female body. This section’s star lots include Women Aflame, one of Dalí’s most famous sculptures, representing a woman whose body is going up in flames, Space Venus, a marble female bust that, at first, seems traditional but an egg actually divides her torso in two, and Anthropomorphic Cabinet. “Religion and Mythology” analyses Dalí’s complex realtionship with religion, faith and the Church. Its key works are Snail and the Angel, and Eve and Vision of the Angel. The first sculpture is quite surprising. It represents a little angel on a giant winged snail. “Dreams and Fantasy” gives the visitors a glimpse of Dalí’s artistic representation of the subconscience. They will have the opportunity to admire Persistence of Memory and Dance of Time I, two sculptures featuring the artist’s famous melting watches. Alice in Wonderland is a bronze statue illustrating the tale’s strange characteristics and Spellbound is a large  painting depicting dozens of wide-open eyes. Tom Zaller, director of ArtScience Museum in Marina Bay Sands, says on the institution’s website “Dalí: Mind of a Genius showcases the best works of Salvador Dalí under one roof. Visitors to the exhibition will be transported into the eccentric mind of Dalí, and discover his version of reality and his interpretation of art. The ArtScience Museum explores Dalí’s inspiration and creative processes, and is the perfect venue for an exhibition showcasing the art of such a genius and his infinite innovations. Visitors will leave the exhibition spellbound...

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Second session of Stuyvesant auction at Sotheby’s

Amsterdam, 18 April 2011, Art Media Agency (AMA). The second half of the Peter Stuyvesant Collection is up for sale tomorrow in Amsterdam.  The first half was sold a year ago and went for 13.6 M€, a Dutch record.  The Peter Stuyvesant collection was the brainchild of Alexander Orlow, who died in 2009 and who collected the pieces for the British American Tobacco group early in the 1960’s.  Orlow selected artworks with the goal of displaying them in factories, so they are mostly “imposing and colourful”, as described by Sotheby’s. The collection contains several works by Simon Hantaï, Ben, Jean Degottex and Camille Graeser.  500 bidders were present at the first session.  A work by the German artist Martin Kippenberger sold for 1.07 M€ and A piece by Simon HantaÏ caused a stir by going for thrice its auction price at more than €450,000. The second session offers fewer signicant lots.  The works of Jean Degottex are valued at between €50,000 and €70,000 and Louis Tomasello’s Atmosphère Chromoplastique N°266 has been assessed at between €40,000 and €60,000.  Although these 195 pieces are less noteworthy, a certain prestige is attached to their provenance, which will probably result in soaring prices....

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