“Liu Yiqian”

Chinese collectors Wang Wei and Liu Yiqian open their third museum in Chongqing

Wang Wei and Liu Yiqian, two major collectors, will be opening their third museum in the space of four years in the city of Chongqing. This new museum will be set up in the Guohua Financial Centre, a building owned by Liu Yiqian and attached to the Long Museum, founded in 2012. It will be the first space outside of Shanghai for collectors. The museum will occupy three of the building’s floors, with almost 10,000 m2 in galleries for displaying a collection of traditional Chinese artworks, Revolution paintings, and contemporary artworks. The new museum joins the Guotai Arts Centre, the Chongqing Art Museum, the Chongqing Yu’ao International Art Centre, and finally, the Changjiang Museum of Contemporary Art. Chongqing is one of the world’s most populated cities, with 30 million inhabitants. The new museum’s inaugural exhibition will be called “100 Years of Art History: 1911-2011”, retracing the evolution of oil painting in China since the 1911...

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Liu Yiqian buys into a Beijing auction house

According to Forbes, collector and businessman Liu Yiqian has bought into Beijing Council International Auction Co. Liu Yiqian’s holding, Sunline Group, was already one of the first investors in the auction house founded in 2005 by one of his friends, Dong Guoqiang. This time, the collector is personally buying a share of the auction house specialising in Chinese ancient and modern art, specifically paintings and ceramics. The auction house is currently owned at a rate of 32.8 % by Chen Jia, son of Liu Yiqian, and 32.7 % by Dong Guoqiang. The recent buyer of Modigliani’s Nu couché for $170.4 million at Christie’s in 2015, in other words the second most expensive sale in history for an artwork, is thus making a new coup and confirming his reputation as a prolific...

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“$170 Million Masterpiece Should Have Been Kept in Italy”; Mayor of Modigliani’s hometown speaks out

Filippo Nogarin, mayor of Livorno, the Italian hometown of Amedeo Modigliani, says that the record-breaking sale of the artist’s masterpiece Nu couché (1917-18) to Chinese collector Liu Yiqian was a “missed opportunity” for Italy. Modigliani’s controversial painting was first commissioned by Polish art dealer, Leopold Zboroswki. For the last 30 years however, Nu couché has been part of a private collection until being sold by the anonymous seller on Monday 9 November 2015. Chinese Collector Liu Yiqian won the telephone bid at the Christie’s New York Auction of 20th Century art, focused on the theme of “The Artist’s Muse”. The painting was sold for $170.4 million, making it the second-most expensive artwork ever sold at auction. Liu and his wife Wang Wei plan to display the Italian masterpiece at their Long Museum in Shanghai, created in 2012, and recently named one of the largest private Museum in China. “It will be an opportunity for Chinese art lovers to see good artworks without having to leave the country, which is one of the main reasons why we founded the museums,” the collector told the New York Times. Nogarin strongly disagrees with the Collector’s motives. He told the Guardian that, by ending up in the hands of a private collector, “Its beauty could have affected many people and now that may not happen”. Nogarin speaks of the great loss for Livorno as “Modigliani is celebrated a lot here…The painting could have become a [local]...

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Liu Yiqian takes his tea from a $36.3million porcelain cup

Liu Yiqian, one of the biggest art collectors in China, recently made the headlines due to a photo of him drinking tea from an antique porcelain cup. The cup in question had already made the news after having been bought at Sotheby’s by Yiqian, using his American Express card to acquire the cup for the sum of $36.3 million. Yiqian justified his actions to China Real Time explaining; “Emperor Qianlong has used it, now I’ve used it,” adding “I wanted to see what would happen.” It is not the first time the collector has caused controversy. In 2013 Liu Yiqian acquired a calligraphy piece at Sotheby’s New York for $8.2million, which was sequently declared a fake by three experts. Sotheby’s still maintain that the piece is...

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