LGR, three gazes on a collection

LGR… Three initials standing for three names: Laurence, Gaétane and Roland. Since the collection got off to a start in 1987 with the first acquisitions made by Gaétane and Roland Botrel – joined officially by Laurence Climbeau in 2006 –, the trio from the French Riviera has continued to fill it out through artistic their encounters and promenades. With a keen understanding of history, these erudite and passionate art enthusiasts collect works – often major ones in the processes followed by artists – to bring them together and offer unique, coherent and timeless readings of them. For them, art is a form of social engagement. These atypical collectors agreed to discuss with AMA their artistic choices and their view of the art market.   Gaétane and Roland, how did your collection get started? Gaétane and Roland Botrel: In 1987, we bought a Velickovic drawing in Monaco. Before this, we’d look at contemporary art by following the work of a few artists, including Velickovic, who’s since become a friend.   But you sharpened your gaze by looking at old art? Roland Botrel: Yes, from the Renaissance to Picasso. We had a stroke of luck when we met Italian artists originating from Piacenza, grouped around Foppiani, Berté and Armodio, who showed work between 1976 and 1980 at L’Œuf de Beaubourg gallery. They’d blend into their work both the legacy of the past and the poetic and surrealistic intelligence of modernity. This was really helpful for us… Gaétane Botrel: We’d also come to Paris every month for our work, and the opening of the Centre Georges Pompidou enabled us to develop our curiosity in contemporary art. We’d go to all the exhibitions and this helped us to discover many artists and the diversity of aesthetic movements.   You’ve collected, over 30 years,...

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