“Léon Layon”

Artist against pollution exhibits in Sarthe Region

Sarthe, 27 April 2011, Art Media Agency (AMA) Léon Layon is exhibiting at the arts centre in the Sarthe region until 13 June. The event is named “Îlsirènes et godaille” and was created in partnership with the County Council. It features an uncommon artist: Léon Layon collects waste from the sea for his creations. Combining art and ecology, this new exhibition makes people aware of the environment, conservation and more particularly, the Breton coast. More than 800 schoolchildren are expected to visit the exhibition. They will discover the diversity of materials rejected by the sea – plastic, polished glass, driftwood, flip-flops, plastic gloves – as well as the way the artist works on them. The works are sculptures for the most part and look like totems. The subjects are often connected to the sea. Léon Layon adds that the particularity of his “works is due to the fact that all the materials [he] uses are non-modified. Every apparent colour is natural, except for the varnish.” These original materials are exhibited on a regular basis in unusual places, such as a butcher’s shop or hairdressing salon. Léon Layon is a true beachcomber. He paces up and down the Breton coasts to collect waste and turn it into...

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