Beirut Art Fair, from 15 to 18 September in Lebanon

Forty galleries from 18 countries will be taking part in this year’s 7th edition of the Beirut Art Fair, in Beirut, Lebanon. The main exhibition space will welcome historic Lebanese galleries including Galerie Janine Rubeiz, Galerie Tanit and Aïda Cherfan Fine Art, as well as younger galleries like Art on the 56th, Fadi Mogabgab, Mark Hachem, South Border and Galerie Jacques Ouaiss. Bahrain and Jordan will be represented, respectively by Albareh Art Gallery and Wadi Finan Art Gallery. Outside the MENASA region, the fair will be attended by Ines Etchebarne from the Laura Arce Gallery (Argentina), the Galerie Albert Baronian (Belgium), the A&V Art Gallery (Belarus), the Island 6 Gallery (China), the Galerie Françoise Livinec (France), the Sud Gallery (France), the Galleria Pack (Italy) and the Xol Art Gallery (United States). The new section “Revealing by SGBL” will gather a selection of promising young artists from the MENASA...

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A few details on the 57th Venice Biennale

The 57th Venice Biennale is continuing to take form. Gal Weinstein will be representing Israel, Zad Moultaka will be representing Lebanon, while Tamara Chalabi and Paolo Colombo will be curators of the Iraqi pavilion. Born in Ramat Gan in 1970, Gal Weinstein lives and works in Tel Aviv. He took part in the Sao Paulo Biennale in 2002, and has held solo exhibitions in Israel’s largest museums as well as the San Francisco Art Institute. The curator of the Israeli pavilion, Tami Katz-Freiman, and Gal Weinstein, were selected by a committee comprising Mira Lapidot and Meir Aharonson. Through painting, photography, installation, sculpture and video, the artist turns his attention to research and scientific procedures relating to natural phenomena as well as chaos in the physical world. Meanwhile, Tamara Chalabi and Paolo Colombo will be curators of the Iraqi pavilion. Tamara Chalabi is president and cofounder of the Ruya Foundation, and Paolo Colombo, art advisor at the Istanbul Museum of Modern Art. The exhibition, called “Archaic”, will question the duality of the notions of history and antiquity, matching artefacts from the region with modern art works and productions by contemporary Iraqi artists. Turning to Lebanon, this country will be represented by Zad Moultaka. This artist and composer will be presenting a multimedia work in Santa Maria della Misericordia Church in the Cannaregio district. Emmanuel Daydé will be the exhibition’s curator. Zad Moultaka blends “musical invention with visual research in an approach where technology takes inspiration from the archaic,” says Emmanuel Daydé. His work explores the themes of separation, time immemorial and memory of the moment. The artist has given a few specifications on his project and ambition: “In these times when the Middle East is crumbling before our eyes, foundering in fratricidal wars, every act, every thought must be moved...

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Announcement of the selection committee for the 2016 Beirut Art Fair

The Beirut Art Fair has announced its selection committee for its 7th edition, to be held from 15 to 18 September. The experienced selection committee will be composed of: Jean-Hubert Martin, art historian, curator of the well-known “Les Magiciens de la Terre” exhibition in 1989 (Centre Pompidou) as well as the “Carambolages” exhibition, currently on display at the Grand Palais in Paris; Hou Hanru, former director of the San Francisco Art Institute and current artistic director of the MAXXI; and finally Basel Dalloul and Tarek Nahas, whose collections, respectively of paintings and photographs, are amongst the most important in the country. The jury combines figures from the Lebanese and international art worlds, with the aim of establishing dialogue on contemporary creation while decentring focus from the Western field. The fair, dedicated to the Middle Eastern, North African and South Asian artistic scenes, will be presenting a new space called Revealing that will promote young artists, as well as the Lebanon Modern! exhibition intended to demonstrate the uniqueness of the Lebanese art...

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Unveiling of the 2016 Beirut Art Fair programme

The 7th edition of the Beirut Art Fair is being held from 15 to 18 September 2016. Due to an increase in the size of its spaces (+30 % compared with 2015), the fair intends to consolidate its position at the crossroads of East and West. A new Revealing space will be dedicated to showing young talent. The fair is also planning a “Lebanon Modern” exhibition on modern-art evolutions specific to Lebanon and the Middle East. The event is relying on the expertise of an experienced selection committee: Jean-Hubert Martin, art historian and curator of the well-known “Les Magiciens de la Terre” exhibition in 1989 (Centre Pompidou), Hou Hanru, former director of the San Francisco Art Institute and current artistic director of the MAXXI, and finally Basel Dalloul and Tarek Nahas whose collections, respectively of paintings and of photographs, are amongst the country’s most important. For its 7th edition, the Beirut Art Fair intends to place an emphasis on young talent from the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia...

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Christine Tohme recovers her passport

Following the refusal of Lebanese authorities to renew the passport of Christine Tohme, curator of the Sharjah Biennale, the situation has been partially resolved according to the announcement made by Mustafa Heddaya in artinfo. The curator’s passport was returned to her on 24 January even though a warrant was issued against her. While the reason for this warrant remains unexplained by the authorities, the curator sees it as a pointed political act. “I have no doubts about the fact that the issuing of this warrant is directly related to my work as director of the Lebanese Association for Plastic Arts Ashkal Alwan,” she declares. “In this way, the reason for this initiative against me cannot be justified in that it concerns other professional fields in connection with the company as well as mine.” The issuing of a warrant and the withholding of a passport counter a decision taken by the Lebanese council of ministers in July 2014 stipulating that: “It is forbidden to use warrants for political or arbitrary reasons which are considered...

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