“Katrin Koskaru”

Marlborough Gallery to welcome Katrin Koskaru

From 26 to 30 August 2014, Malborough Fine Art gallery, London, is to present “Come to close quarters”, an exhibition dedicated to Katrin Koskaru. The exhibition will feature six large works based on grids and lines, inspired by the works of Kasimir Malevitch and Piet Mondrian. Koskaru was born in Estonia and is currently living in London, however her work is still strongly influenced by her native country, with the recurrent ideas of isolation and a poetic sentiment towards memories within a place. Her recent works are watercolours composed of repetitive motifs, with delicate washes and interactions of colour. Katrin Koskaru was awarded the Valerie Beston Artists’ Trust Prize 2013, which provides a grant to artists who are at the beginning of their careers. The winner receives a studio for a year, financial aid for materials and an exhibition....

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