“Jourdain space”

30th anniversary of Patrick Gaultier Gallery

Paris, 7 December 2011, Art Media Agency (AMA). The team of the Patrick Gaultier gallery in Quimper will invade Jourdain, in Paris, to celebrate the gallery’s 30th anniversary from 9 to 19 December. Visitors can discover a world constantly in motion, depicted by the various artists of the gallery. The anniversary exhibition aims to reach all the sensory perceptions of viewers, through light plays, polymorphic volumes and new trends using the media, which has been extremely popular in recent years. Among the fifteen represented artists, Chantal Royant’s sculptures, André-Pierre Arnal’s free paintings and Degottex’s lyrical abstraction will fascinate the art amateurs seeking for innovations. The Breton gallery, founded in 1891 by Patrick Gaultier in Quimper, has represented artists from the current art scene, especially from France, such as Alexis Gorodine, André Pierre Arnal, Chantal Royant, Christian Silvain, Jacques Verdier and Jean-Paul...

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