“John Singer Sargent”

John Singer Sargent at the National Portrait Gallery

The National Portrait Gallery in London is currently hosting the exhibition “Sargent: Portraits of Artists and Friends”, which is to run until 25 May. With the help of The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the NPG is displaying a collection of the artist portraits of his friends, including figures such as Robert Louis Stevenson, Claude Monet, and Auguste Rodin. As the portraits of his friends were rarely commissioned, Sargent was allowed more freedom in the pieces, creating more experimental works than was possible in his formal portraiture. The works display a more intimate, witty, and radical side to Sargent’s works, challenging the conventional view of the artist.  The curator of the exhibition, Richard Ormond OBE, commented that “Sargent’s enthusiasms were all for things new and exciting. He was a fearless advocate of the work of younger artists, and in music his influence on behalf of modern composers and musicians ranged far and wide. The aim of this exhibition is to challenge the conventional view of Sargent.” The Guardian‘s Jonathan Jones gave the exhibition five stars, describing the works as “daring, haunting and...

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The Brooklyn Museum exhibits Sargent

New York, 9 April 2013, Art Media Agency (AMA). The Brooklyn Museum and the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston have organised an exhibition on the watercolours of John Singer Sargent, which is held from 5 April to 28 July 2013. This event titled “John Singer Sargent Watercolors” reunites, for the first time in twenty years, the pieces acquired by the two museum institutions at the beginning of the 20th century. The exhibition includes 93 works, 38 of which are part of the collection of the Brooklyn Museum and have not been viewed for decades. The artist’s watercolours became known since his first exhibitions in New York in 1909. The themes of these watercolours include scenes from Venice, Mediterranean ships, intimist portraits, as well as a series of Bedouins created during the artist’s voyage to Syria in 1905-1906. Among the works on display:     Santa Maria della Salute, 1904, a painting exploring the most beautiful architectures of Venice;     The Bridge of Sighs, circa 1903–4, a painting representing gondoliers;     Bedouins, circa 1905–6, a work created during the artist’s voyage to Syria;     A Tramp, circa 1904–6, a portrait of a public figure;     In a Medici Villa, 1906, a painting that reveals the artist’s love for formal Italian gardens. The paintings are issued from the collection of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and are of great quality, representing themes from the artist’s most recent voyages to the Italian Alps, the marble mines of Carrara, as well as other portraits. The event will also feature new discoveries based on scientific studies conducted on the pigments used by the artist, his drawing techniques, his paper preparations and his manner of painting. These discoveries will be shown at a special section. Finally, some works selected among those exhibited will...

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American Impressionists at Palazzo Strozzi in Florence

Florence, 9 November 2011, Art Media Agency (AMA). The Palazzo Strozzi in Florence will host works of American painters from the late 19th and early 20th century, from 3 March to 15 July 2012. The exhibition entitled, “Americans in Florence. Sargent and the American Impressionists”, will present views of artists from the New World, who were established in Florence and Tuscany in the early 20th century. Numerous artists after the civil war in United States wanted to visit Italy’s ruins and landscapes following the “Grand Tour” tradition that never really stopped since 18th century. About thirty American painters led by John Singer Sargent will be presented to the Italian public. The exhibition will present a course in five sections: “Room with a View” presenting the everyday life of these painters in Florence before World War I; “The Circle of Egisto Fabbri: Scholars and Painters” enlightening American collector’s Egisto Fabbri role; “The Image of Florence and Tuscany” that will represent artists’ view of Tuscany landscapes along with Florence. “America through the Lens of Painting and Literature” which will introduce public to the cultural heritage that American artists have brought going back in United States. The exhibition presents the comparison and links between these artists’ paintings and those of their contemporaries of Florence and Tuscany, such as Telemaco Signorini, Vittorio Corcos and Michele...

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