“Italian Ministry of Culture”

Two earthquakes in central Italy

The crisis unit of the Italian ministry of culture is currently working to evaluate the damage caused by two earthquakes in central Italy on 26 October. The earthquakes, measuring 5.4 and 5.9 in magnitude, occurred near Visso, almost two months after the earthquake with a magnitude of 6.2, which destroyed the town of Amatrice and killed at least 295 people last summer. The San Salvatore a Campi di Norcia Church, already bearing strains from last August, collapsed as a result of the latest incident. The church contained important 15th century frescoes. The Sant’Eutizio Basilica in Preci and other historical religious buildings were also seriously affected. The clock tower of the Santa Maria Church in Via fell down on houses without causing any victims. Other damage has also been reported in San Ginesio, Castelsantangelo sul Nera, Ussita and...

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New tourist tax in Rome for preservation of national heritage

Rome, 6 January 2011. AMA. Since 1 January 2011, visitors to the Italian capital have to pay two additional euros per person per night to stay at hotels with up to three stars, and three euros per person per night for four- or five star accommodation. This new tourist tax is levied on the ten first nights of the stay and is collected at the end of the trip. The money will be used to found new municipal services. Civil servants hope that the tax will bring in more than eight million euros per annum. Visitors overnighting in youth hostels are exempted from the tax, as are tourist guides and children younger than ten years. However, those staying at camping sites within the limits of the city will pay one euro each for a maximum of five days. The tax for guest rooms and farms is two euros. On the day this controversial tax was launched, museum tickets for non-residents increased by one euro. The Italian Ministry of Culture recently created the “Art wishes you a happy birthday” initiative. Visitors can enter Italian museums for free on their birthday. Each year, approximately thirty million tourists visit Rome. Tour guides and hoteliers are highly critical of the new...

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