Ready Art, “the Hermès of the French artistic scene”

Launched in 2015, Ready Art may well become the indispensable tool for collectors who wish to encounter the French contemporary scene over the Internet. This selective website is a place where handpicked artists meet galleries. The platform Ready Art sets out to present top artists from today’s French scene to cybernauts from every country. The founders of this wonderful project, Tristan Vyskoc and Albane Rouvière, come from the universe of finance, but have always maintained close links with contemporary art. They are collectors themselves, and Tristan Vyskoc, also an artist. We talk strategy and artistic creation, collection and start-ups …   What originally inspired you to launch the Ready Art site? Tristan Vyskoc: We both worked in consultancy for fifteen years. We sold our business in 2014 and really wanted to work in art. We’d already invested in art-related web sites such as Artips and Barter. At the same time, we’ve always been collectors, and I’m also an artist. We noticed that artists close to us had trouble being represented on the Web. So we looked for a viable economic model with a very strong positioning. We worked for twelve months before launching Ready Art, in February 2016. We want to show the French scene exclusively and to support it internationally, with the idea of becoming the Web leader on the French scene in five years’ time. Many people told us that we were “crazy” and that we wouldn’t succeed… Albane Rouvière: Our site promotes the French artistic scene but our spectrum is fairly broad. Our artists are French, whether born or residing in France, or having a strong link to France. In addition, Ready Art is a networking platform. Works can be placed on the web site by galleries, or artists directly when they aren’t represented by a...

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KOCHI Gallery launches

Emmanuel Tiberghien — who previously worked in investment banking in Asia — has launched an Internet art gallery, specialising in urban art, photography and comics. Taking advantage of developments in online art commerce and street art, KOCHI Gallery aims to establish itself at the heart of a young and promising market. Promoting itself as being less formal than many physical galleries, its founder highlights the slogan underpinning its practice: “Serious Art Gallery Not Taking Itself Too Seriously”. The gallery offers unique works of established and emerging...

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eBay announces new online platform for art auctions

On 8 May, Internet giant eBay announced a partnership with Invaluable, a leader in the online auction market with a company based in Boston. The partnership is to enable eBay users to participate in “live” auctions at auction houses across the globe. Lots from more than 2,000 auction houses, including works of art and antiques, are to be made available to the website’s 145 million Internet users. The involvement of CercleFinance.com is to allow a total of $4 billion in artistic property to be made available on the Internet...

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Third time lucky for eBay?

San Jose, 10 December 2013, Art Media Agency (AMA). The online auction giant eBay is planning a venture to focus on fine art. New-York based Josh Baer, who publishes the Baer Faxt art industry newsletter, is to act as a consultant on the project. The company’s third attempt to enter the art market comes after a failed purchase of auction house Butterfields in 1999, and a financially unsuccessful joint venture with Sotheby’s between 2002 and 2003. In August 2013, rival online marketplace Amazon launched an art project, offering for sale works from more than 150 American galleries. Last week John Maeda, president of the Rhode Island School of Design, announced his resignation in order to work for a venture capital firm, as well as consulting for...

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Works from the Henry and Rose Pearlman Foundation now online

New York, 29 November 2013, Art Media Agency (AMA). The Henry and Rose Pearlman Foundation has put 72 Impressionist and Post-Impressionist works online via its website pearlmancollection.org. Daniel Edelman, president of the foundation, explains: “Our aim is to share these works of art with those who cannot view them in person. This website, independent of the spatial, geographical, environmental and political constraints of exhibition, is designed to provide the virtual means for visitors to explore, study and enjoy our collection.” The platform, designed by Bluespark Labs, facilitates a wider appreciation of 33 works by Cézanne, 1 Van Gogh, 2 Modigliani paintings, 7 paintings by Chaïm Soutine, alongside works by Gaugin, Manet, Renoir, Toulouse-Lautrec and...

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