“inside out”

JR’s “Inside Out” at Centre Pompidou

Paris, 10 August 2011, Art Media Agency (AMA). As part of JR’s project “Inside Out”, the Centre Pompidou is hosting the largest photo-booth ever until 5 September. The event coincides with the exhibition “Paris-Delhi-Bombay”. French contemporary artist JR was born on 22 February 1983. He exhibits black and white photographs in the street, “the greatest gallery in the world” as he calls it. His oeuvre combines art, motion, activism, liberty, identity and limitations. He is mostly known for his portraits of women from the slums of Rio and the shanty-towns of Kenya that he displayed on the walls of the city. In October 2009, armed with a 28 millimetre lens, he took distorted portraits and realised a huge collage on bridges and banks of Saint Louis Island in Paris. The project “Inside Out” aims to collect photographs of volunteers and subsequently display their portrait in the city, illustrating the diversity of men and women on earth. Participants have to wear a bindi on their forehead, symbolising the third eye, the eye of knowledge. The photo-booth is free, but participants have to queue for at least an hour to receive the 1mx1.50m poster. Printed at five metres above ground level, the poster then falls down. Photographs can also be sent to the website insideoutproject.net and the poster will then be sent by...

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