Announcement of 17 Cultural Projects to be financed by UNESCO

Paris, 18 January 2012, Art Media Agency (AMA). The International Fund for Cultural Diversity (IFCD) has announced which projects were approved for financing during 2011. Created in 2005 by the Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions, the aim of the IFCD is the promotion of sustainable development and the reduction of poverty by supporting the cultural sector of developing countries. The projects to be funded are as follows : $97,250 to Academia Group, Serbian NGO, for a project to support 150 entrepreneurs from the poorest regions of the country; $85,000 to ACTED, Tadjik NGO, to promote the diversification of music in Tajikistan, through providing support material and in order to finance musicians; $100,000 to the Association of Musical Entrepeneurs from Barbados, to finance their participation to a convention in United States and to support the promotion of Caribbean musicians within the American public; $80,000 to Bal’lame, Nigerian NGO, for the training of 20 artists and culture professionals, to support the rights of the media in order to strengthen the development of the cultural life in Nigeria; $10,000 to the Malawi National Commission for UNESCO, to fund the organisation of a consultation in order to revise and update the cultural politics of the country; $65,000 to the Mozambican National Commission for UNESCO, to raise awareness of cultural activities amongst the youth of three isolated regions of Mozambique, and for the training of local cultural professionals; $99,023 to the Zimbabwean Cultural Fund, for the carrying out of a statistical study of the cultural industries in Harare; $99,550 to the African 30 group, Senegalese NGO, for the creation of a mobile educational facility, responsable for the training of cultural politics managers in the use of modern technologies; $81,000 to the Harlequin Foundation, a South African NGO,...

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