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An interview with Galerie Claire Gastaud’s Henni Alftan at Art Paris 2015

Henni Alftan is a Finnish artist from Helsinki who has been living and working in France since 1998. AMA got the chance to speak to the artist about her solo exhibition at the Galerie Claire Gastaud, Stand B3, live from Art Paris 2015. How did you get into art? I have been painting since I was six and I always knew that I wanted to be an artist. It was evident that art was something that I was destined to study. How does Art Paris compare to other art fairs that you have exhibited at before? Grand Palais makes a big difference; it’s a really nice venue and it has a lot of exposure. I haven’t exhibited at many art fairs but I’ve done Art Paris a couple of times. This year, I think that there are a lot more high-quality stands, perhaps because of the number of solo shows, I’m not sure, but there’s definitely a lot more high-quality artworks. Can you speak to us about the works you have on display today? What is the standout piece from the booth in your opinion? I was shortlisted for the Emerige prize with the painting that we have hung on the outside of the booth, Vandalism (2014). I exhibited it there and I wanted to show it again because it’s a painting that talks about painting. We had about 30 works to choose from so we made a selection based on what could possibly work together. The idea is to give a general view of the works, without showing absolutely everything in one show. There is no connecting theme or concept. I normally work in series; they don’t necessarily look a like but they have an overarching title. These works are from different series. I suppose all of my...

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Hervé Di Rosa at Galerie Claire Gastaud

Galerie Claire Gastaud, in Clermont-Ferrand, is hosting an exhibition of paintings by the artist Hervé Di Rosa entitled “Hervé Di Rosa, Classic” until 23 December 2014. Hervé Di Rosa is a key figure in contemporary painting and a founding member of the “Figuration Libre” movement. He was born in France in 1959 and currently works in Lisbon, Portugal; although he is renowned as an artist, he has also been the author of around 150 publications and books on art between 1978 and 2014. Gallerist Claire Gastaud said exclusively to AMA: “Whilst the gallery has been involved in representing the Figuration Libre movement since the end of the 1980s, displaying artists such as Rémi Blanchard and Robert Combas, presenting the work of Di Rosa allows us to remember our origins, to highlight the work of this committed artist, who was also an important collector, who is an important figure in the French art...

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Nils-Udo’s latest work at Galerie Claire Gastaud

Clermont-Ferrand, 14 January 2014, Art Media Agency (AMA). Until 25 January 2014, the Galerie Claire Gastaud in Clermont-Ferrand is exhibiting the photographs of German artist Nils-Udo. “Nature is my life’s theme, my art comes from my experience of it,” states the artist, underlining nature as the link between his work and his life. In this exhibition the gallery is presenting his latest series of photographs, Radeau de l’Automne (Autumn Raft), created in 2012 in the Creuse valley. An important aspect of the work of this nature-lover, a precursor of the “Art in Nature” movement, is that he uses the landscape without ever damaging it. For his Radeau de l’Automne series, the artist created, from chestnut bark, a work measuring 6.8m in length and 3.9m in height. The piece floats, contrasting the light between the valley’s dark water and the pale wood. The work is complemented by ten colour photographs which play with reflection and light, between the landscape, the water, the sky and the...

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Exhibition “Roland Cognet, Bois gravés” at Claire Gastaud Gallery

Clermont-Ferrand, 11 September 2012, Art Media Agency (AMA). From 6 October to 10 November 2012, the Claire Gastaud contemporary art gallery will host an exhibition entitled “Roland Cognet, Bois gravés” (“Roland Cognet, engraved wood”). This exhibition will be made up of some emblematic creations by Rolan Cognet. The wood engravings, something between sculpture and drawing, perfectly reflect the artist’s strength and ability. The quality and delicacy of his strokes in his engravings and sculptures is admirable. The emblematic themes (abstract forms, heads of horses, monkeys, and lions) are skilfully reworked, bringing new life to his work. From the beginning of the Eighties onwards, Roland Cognet’s aim has been to catalyse into a unique structural body, meaning a unique work, what he calls the four essential statuses: mineral, vegetal, animal, and human. His work is indeed a perfect combination of that. The preview, in the artist’s presence, will take place on 4 October from 6pm to...

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