“François Fiedler”

Jackson Pollock’s art lingering in his house

East-Hampton (state of New York), 9 May 2012, Art Media Agency (AMA). The Pollock-Krasner House and Study Center, located in the former house of artist Jackson Pollock (1912-1956) and his wife Lee Krasner (1908-1984), is organizing an exhibition entitled “The Persistance of Pollock”. The event brings together numerous works influenced by Pollock’s art, or that have been created in tribute to the artist. This exhibition, taking place on the occasion of the centenary of the painter’s birth, is running until 28 July 2012. Visitors can find works such as an Untitled painting by François Fiedler (1921-2001), a Hungarian painter established in Paris from 1946 and deeply influenced by Pollock, and a bronze by Robert Arneson, Saga of Jackson Pollock Book-ends, books ends recounting the car crash which prematurely claimed the artist’s life in 1956, and even Loving Care, a screening of the Bahamian artist Janine Antoni’s performance in which she painted a canvas with her hair. Among the other works selected by Bobbi Coller and Helen A. Harrison (directors of the museul), it is worth mentioning The Connoisseur (1961), a magazine cover signed by illustrator Norman Rockwell and staging the confrontation between a skeptical visitor and the avant garde represented by a painting by Pollock keenly copied by Rockwell. For this reason, the exhibition is displaying an oil painting constituting a very keen analysis of Pollock’s painting copied by Rockwell for this illustration. Pollock’s influence over the Korean artist Lee Ufan (born in 1936) is illustrated by the ink work on Japanese paper Pushed-up Ink (1964), drawing inspiration directly from similar studies carried out by Pollock in this medium. The Brazilian photographer Vik Muniz is also present with Action Painter III (Action Photo IV), Pictures of Chocolate, a copy of a scene depicting Pollock painting. This work consists of...

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