“François de Ricqlès”

Pierre-Yves Le Diberder collection estimated at €1.5 million

Pierre Bergé & Associés, in partnership with Christie’s, will be selling the Pierre-Yves Le Diberder collection at Drouot, on 14 October. From antiques to Asian arts, from old paintings to contemporary art, and from classic furniture to design, the 300 lots are estimated at being worth a total of  €1.5 million. Of note is a Bacchus Ephebus torso dating from the Roman era, a Louis XVI furniture item by Jean-François Leleu or a portrait of Man Ray by Andy Warhol. Raymond de Nicolay, auctioneer at Pierre Bergé & Associés, François de Ricqlès, chairman of Christie’s France, and Lionel Gosset, collections director at Christie’s France, are enthusiastic about this partnership, the second since 2009 (Yves Saint Laurent – Pierre Bergé...

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Interview with François de Ricqlès, Chairman of Christie’s France

Paris, 17 January 2013, Art Media Agency (AMA). By the end of 2012, according to recently released sale results, Christie’s established itself as the first auction house in France. Its statement lists numerous records. The closing of this exceptional year was even more outstanding after the Asian art auction, held in December 2012, during which a 13th century Chinese sculpture was sold for over €9m, becoming Christie’s highest hammer price in 2012. In an interview with Art Media Agency, François de Ricqlès, Chairman of the prestigious auction house, recalls the highlights and trends of 2012, providing a clear vision of the art market and his profession. Art Media Agency (AMA): With a total turnover of €231.4m, 2012 is a record year for Christie’s France… François de Ricqlès (FdR): Yes, indeed it is a record year, if we include private sales which we were allowed to organise after the September 2011 amendment. Excluding private sales, the auctions’ total proceeds amount to €193.5m. It is the second best auction sale result, after 2011, save the Yves Saint-Laurent auction in 2009. AMA: Christie’s is mostly solicited to disperse collections. How will the auction house support this trend? What is the difference with Christie’s and other auction houses, when it comes to the relationship with collectors? FdR: Dispersing collections is the dream of all auction houses, because they attract a majority of connoisseurs. Apart from great collections with a specific theme, the trend is now to sell house sets, that is to say appartments’ interiors, where one can find at the same time artworks, furniture, paintings… reflecting the owner’s art de vivre. This is the main strength and distinctive feature of late 20th century collections. This kind of sales attracts the owner’s disciples. We organised this kind of auction for Rochas and Yves...

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Christie’s CVV president

Paris, 12 October 2011, Art Media Agency (AMA). According to a decree released on 11 October 2011, the Council of voluntary autions in France (CVV) has four new members; François De Ricqlès, who is president of Christie’s in France since 2010, Jean-Claude Anaf, an auctioneer from Lyon, Joseph Rossi, a lawyer, and Jacques le Pape, the General Inspector of Finance. CVV is the regulation authority of the auction market in France. It was created during the discharge in 2000. Apart from its mission to watch and supervise the market, CVV’s duty was also to officially recognize auction societies and artists, a privilege that was lost with last July’s discharge. François de Ricqlès and the other three new members of CVV have been authorised for four...

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