“Francesco Vezzoli”

Cindy Sherman to play Maria Callas in Francesco Vezzoli film

Francesco Vezzoli has directed a film about the Greek singer Maria Callas in which Cindy Sherman is to play the title role. The film will be released in September 2015 in Athens. The film will be shown during a performance of Rufus Wainwright’s Prima Donna, an opera about the prospects of an ageing soprano. In Francesco Vezzoli‘s film, photographer Cindy Sherman will play an ageing Maria Callas, tying in with the themes of Wainwright’s work. The Italian director said, “The film depicts fictional, pivotal chapters of the singer’s life and career, in her full glory and darker situations, showing her fading away.” For the project Cindy Sherman had to wear costumes worn by the famous singer, lent by the Tirelli costumes archive in Rome. Justifying his choice to cast Cindy Sherman, Vezzoli said, “Of all postwar artists, she has explored human identity in all its facets in the deepest ways.” Francesco Vezzoli‘s works will be the subject of an exhibition at the Almine Rech Gallery from 8 September until 3 October 2015. The installation piece Eternal Kiss, composed of two marble sculptures, bought at auction, will be on...

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Deconstructing Hollywood at MoCA LA

Los Angeles, 9 April 2014, Art Media Agency (AMA). The Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles is presenting an upcoming exhibition of work by Francesco Vezzoli, entitled “Cinema Vezzoli”, from 27 April to 11 August. Through his deconstructed images, the Italian artist explores the impact of the Hollywood film industry upon the contemporary art world. Vezzoli elevates popular culture symbols to the status of “high art”, whilst at the same time questioning the concepts behind this idea. He aims to expose the current fascination with politics, fame, and celebrities’ private lives. Organised by MOCA’s Senior Curator, Alma Ruiz, the show is to debut a new work created specifically for the museum. Francesco Vezzoli was born in 1971 in Brescia, Italy, and lives and works in Milan. He studied at Central Saint Martins School of Art and Design in London, and his work has been exhibited at institutions including the New Museum (New York), Fondazione Prada (Milan), Tate Modern (London), the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum (New York), and the Garage Center for Contemporary Culture...

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Authorities ban Italian artist from exporting church

Montegiordano, 26 November 2013, Art Media Agency (AMA). There have been new developments with regards to Italian artist Francesco Vezzoli’s plan to reconstruct a 19th century church at MoMA PS1 in New York. The project has been suspended, after Italian authorities halted the building’s removal. Vezzoli reportedly bought the Madonna del Carmine church, from the village of Montegiordano in Calabria, on the internet. Speaking to The Art Newspaper, Vezzoli said: “I have signed a contract with the [church’s] owner that guaranteed it was free from any restrictions, either from the government, the church or cultural heritage [department]. I have acted in good faith.” However, local residents have since objected to the monument’s exportation, and the local cultural superintendent has put a stop to the project. The planned exhibition at MoMA PS1 is part of a “Trinity” of shows by Vezzoli that launched earlier this year at the Maxxi museum in Rome, and is to include New York and the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, as the second and third...

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Francesco Vezzoli to move a church to the MoMA

Montegiordano, 7 November 2013, Art Media Agency (AMA). Italian artist Francesco Vezzoli has dismantled, stone by stone, a church in Southern Italy in order to rebuild it at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. The building, constructed in the late 19th century, and located in a small village in Montegiordano, Calabria, was carefully taken apart and its pieces wrapped up by the artist. The move has offended the local authorities, who have blocked the initiative – nearly the entirety of the dismantled church is now in a hangar at Giola Tauro port, according to Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera. However, Vezzoli explained that he has “all the permits in order, as the works have been ongoing for the past six months […] ; the church was lost in scrub land and I’m taking it to the MoMA PS1, isn’t it better there?” According to a source close to the artist, the situation is “being resolved”. The small church is expected to be exhibited in the heart of the MoMA PS1 in the Long Island City district. For the popular and controversial 42-year-old artist, the rebuilding of the church is part of the Trinité project, based on “art, religion and glamour”. The series of exhibitions is to be presented in Rome, where he has created a gallery which combines classic and contemporary; and an exhibition in Los Angeles is to demonstrate the film side of the artist’s works, which highlight the modern obsession for celebrity culture. In the church, which is to be moved to Long Island, the artist plans to project his video works, with the idea being to show that “art is a religion”, and that the glamour of Hollywood is still in the making. The works feature celebrities such as Courtney Love, Sharon Stone and Lady Gaga, in...

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The latest Vezzoli creation

Paris, 17 January 2012, Art Media Agency (AMA). On the evening of 24 January, the Italian artist Francesco Vezzoli will take over the Palais d’Iéna, fleetingly transforming it into an art gallery. The project will be both private and open to the public, the building will accommodate in turn, a private dinner, a night club, a museum (open to the public) and finally a public festival. School visits and a press conference are also planned. As reported in The Guardian the project, financed by the Prada Foundation, will include the installation of gigantic sculptures of celebrities, such as Kate Blanchett and Courtney Love, with whom the artist has previously worked. This is not the first extravagant event organised by Vezzoli. In 2007, he didn’t hesitate to take the opportunity to do a reinterpretation of Luigi Pirandello’s Nobel prize-winning play Right You Are (If You Think You Are) at the Guggenheim in New York. The Prada Foundation, based in Venice, is known for financing projects which are somewhat out of the ordinary. The most recent of which was a Carsten Höller project entitled Double Club. The artist converted a Victorian hotel near the Angel underground station in London which would be, at the same time, a bar, a club and a restaurant. The three spaces were each decorated in a manner which evoked both western and Congolese culture. Vezzoli and the Prada Foundation have previously collaborated on a double installation in Venice, which, taking inspiration from the film-maker Paolo Pasolini, consisted of two reconstructed cinema halls showing Vezzoli’s...

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