“Fondation Martin Bodmer”

Carl Gustav Jung works at Fondation Martin Bodmer in Geneva

Geneva, 16 December 2011, Art Media Agency (AMA) Switzerland is paying tribute to the work of Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) with the exhibition “Le rouge et le noir”, until 25 March, after being displayed at Guimet Museum in Paris. Fondation Martin Bodmer in Geneva is currently displaying the iconic French edition of the book “Livre rouge”, by the famous Swiss physician, psychiatrist, psychologist and author, replacing Goethe’s “universal literature”. C.G. Jung gave a new meaning to Goethe’s universal literature, as he intended to search the basic impulse of the entire history of thought. The oneiric experience is described in his book — Livre rouge — calligraphy on parchment like a medieval manuscript, illuminated visions similar to William Blake in a style close to Jugendstil in the early 20th century. The exhibition presents the Livre rouge, viewed as a real initiatory and introspective travel, along with the more ancient series “Livres noirs”. Next to Jung’s works, the books that inspired him, annotated by him and taken from his bookcase are on display; the writings of Gnosis and Alchemy that the artist read, along with the psychology of the unconscious, or the great texts from India, Tibet and Buddhism Zen. Finally, “the manuscripts of his major books containing the intuitions of the Livre rouge he sought to translate for a scientific...

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