Shaquille O’Neal and Larry Gagosian to co-produce a film

No one could have predicted it. US basketball player and NBA champion Shaquille O’Neal, and art-market Larry Gagosian, are teaming up to co-produce a film on a high-school basketball team in Bridgehampton as it defends its state title. The film, Killer Bees, “explores how Bridgehampton’s African-American community came to exist in the heart of the Hamptons and its struggle to...

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Ken Loach wins the Palme d’Or at Cannes

British film director Ken Loach notched up his second Palme d’Or at the 69th edition of the Festival de Cannes for his film I, Daniel Blake. The film follows the life of a sensitive carpenter who comes up against inflexible, inhuman bureaucracy. Recalling Kafka’s the Trial in certain respects, the film criticises Western societies and offers an answer to current political problems. The film won over the jury of the latest edition presided over by George Miller, along with Arnaud Desplechin, Laszlo Nemes, Katayoon Shahabi, Kirsten Dunst, Valeria Golino, Mads Mikkelsen, Vanessa Paradis and Donald Sutherland. This is the director’s second Palme d’Or after the one he received in 2006 for The Wind That Shakes the Barley, exploring the Irish independence war and the ensuing civil...

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Relive your Dreams with Romina de Novellis

Living in Paris since 2008, the Italian artist Romina de Novellis is performing and showing videos of her performances at the Galerie Laure Roynette (Paris) from 16 October to 29 November 2015. The exhibition “To be, or not to be” is showing both her series Fase Rem in which she relives the dreams she had while pregnant, and her series Augurii, revisiting her performance with vultures, accompanied by the video Silent Life (1979) by Bill Viola. Art Media Agency went to meet this explorer of present darkness. You chose the title “To be, or not to be”—a saying drenched in symbolism, even more when you’re dealing with the pregnancy of a human being. For this exhibition, we decided to start with a cliché. Everyone knows this quote, but not everyone fully realizes its significance. In fact, we’re not saying anything apart from about life and death: in Hamlet, everyone dies. For me, it’s quite similar to the Latin “Hic et nunc” (here and now). It’s about knowing if I live or if I die; if I would live like someone who’s dead or someone who’s alive. In other words, whether I would live in Utopia or a short life. We live in a Utopian cycle, as if in a cage. You French had great thinkers telling you that: Foucault, Levi-Strauss etc. For us, authors like Pasolini had the same thoughts, but expressed them in a more instinctive, aesthetic way. In any case, we’re not getting out of the cage. I’m an artist and I live like an artist: my profession corresponds to my place in society. But that doesn’t allow me to be. Would you say that performance lets you be? In its very nature, yes. It requires technique, as with painting or music. We learn a language to...

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Cindy Sherman to play Maria Callas in Francesco Vezzoli film

Francesco Vezzoli has directed a film about the Greek singer Maria Callas in which Cindy Sherman is to play the title role. The film will be released in September 2015 in Athens. The film will be shown during a performance of Rufus Wainwright’s Prima Donna, an opera about the prospects of an ageing soprano. In Francesco Vezzoli‘s film, photographer Cindy Sherman will play an ageing Maria Callas, tying in with the themes of Wainwright’s work. The Italian director said, “The film depicts fictional, pivotal chapters of the singer’s life and career, in her full glory and darker situations, showing her fading away.” For the project Cindy Sherman had to wear costumes worn by the famous singer, lent by the Tirelli costumes archive in Rome. Justifying his choice to cast Cindy Sherman, Vezzoli said, “Of all postwar artists, she has explored human identity in all its facets in the deepest ways.” Francesco Vezzoli‘s works will be the subject of an exhibition at the Almine Rech Gallery from 8 September until 3 October 2015. The installation piece Eternal Kiss, composed of two marble sculptures, bought at auction, will be on...

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Artsy and UBS to collaborate on Venice Biennial film series

Artsy and UBS have announced a collaboration which is to take the form of a series of short films about the 56th Venice Biennial. The films are to tell the story of the event through a variety of perspectives; from that of curators, artists, and gallerists, to locals from the city. The first instalment of the series is to be directed by Oscar Boyson, and is to look at the history of the Biennial, released on Artsy.net and UBS’s contemporary art film portal at the beginning of May. The next series, directed by Poppy de Villeneuve, is to be filmed during the beginning of the biennial. Marina Cashdan, editorial director of Artsy, commented: “We’re thrilled to be working with UBS, a longtime supporter of contemporary art, to document the stories behind the Biennale that we intend to be a reference point on the event for years to...

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