Photographer Tahmineh Monzavi arrested in Iran

Tehran, 6 March 2012, Art Media Agency (AMA). Iranian photographer Tahmineh Monzavi was arrested yesterday by the government. It is not clear what charges are being filed against her but her commitment to denouncing the Iranian society’s malfunctioning throughout her work is a probable reason for her arrest. This arrest takes place following the publication at the Loco publishing house, on last 15 February, of her work about homeless women as part of the work “La photographie iranienne, un regard sur la création contemporaine en Iran” (Iranian photography, a reflection upon contemporary creation in Iran). At 23 years old, the young artist has made two footages, High Fashion in Tehran and Women in Grap Garden Alley. She has been doing documentary photography for five years and has exhibited her works during collective exhibitions in Tehran and...

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