“Fabienne Verdier”

Fabienne Verdier on display in Singapore

Singapore, 25 January 2013, Art Media Agency (AMA). From 25 January through 9 March 2013, Art Plural Gallery is to present work by French artist Fabienne Verdier. For the first display of her works ever in South-East Asia, she is to show her latest drawings and large-scale paintings. Verdier attempted to render the concepts of movement and life in her artworks, as well as the transience of things. She comments on her work: “Most recently, I have been impelled to explore the genesis of living matter, the spontaneous emergence of structures, movements, folds, the natural dynamics of the birth of land forms. With my brush as my companion the flow of matter becomes a landscape, the canvas a physical map, a kind of geography of the spirit which brings us to perceive the hidden framework of the world.” Fabienne Verdier was born in Paris in 1962. She first studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Paris, before embarking on further education in...

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Fabienne Verdier at Art Plural Gallery in Singapore

Singapore, 14 November 2012, Art Media Agency (AMA). Art Plural Gallery in Singapour has recently announced an inauguration of the event devoted to French artist Fabienne Verdier, on 25 January 2013. The exhibition will run until 9 March 2013 and will present her latest drawings and large-size paintings. Fabienne Verdier gets inspiration from life and the fleeting nature of things and beings. She quickly proved to be a major figure in traditional ink painting, inspired by her training in China. She does a lot of research on the depth of colour. Born in Paris in 1962, she graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Toulouse in 1983. The following year, she received a grant and went to the Szechuan Fine Arts Institute, in Chongqing, China. For over ten years she studied philosophy, painting and aesthetics. She published Passagère du silence : dix ans d’initiation en Chine (A Passenger of Silence: Ten Years of Inititation in China), regarding this period of her life. Her works show evidence of the deep influence the training in calligraphy and other traditional Chinese arts had on her. Some of her works entered the permanent collections of the Cernuschi museum and Centre Pompidou in Paris. She exhibited at numerous galleries throughout the world and is currently working on a project in cooperation with Jean Nouvel, for the National Museum of Modern Art in China.        ...

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Asian contemporary art at Art Plural Gallery

Singapore, 26 October 2011, Art Media Agency, (AMA). Art Plural Gallery in Singapore is currently presenting the exhibition “Regards Croisés: a selection of Asian Contemporary Art”. It is the second show to be organised at the gallery since its opening in June 2011, and will be presented until 10 December 2011. The exhibition honours cultural diversity from the Asian Continent and is hosting eleven influential contemporary artists. Among them are: Korean Choi Xoo Ang, Indian Lochan Upadhyay, Chinese Shi Jinsong, Chu Teh-Chun, Feng Shuo, Li Tian Bing, Jagannath Panda Qiu Jie, Paribartana Mohanty, Seher Shah and Thukral & Tagra. French painter Fabienne Verdier also takes place on the walls of the gallery. She is the only European artist in this demonstration. Fabienne Verdier (born in 1962), studied at École supérieure des Beaux-arts de Toulouse, before moving to China in 1980s, in order to work on calligraphy. Largely dependant on ancestral art, her work is a combintation of East and West, between calligraphy and...

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