Almine Rech to open an extension in New York

Almine Rech will be launching a new space in New York in October 2016. The 3,000 m2 space, to be inaugurated on 27 October, will open with an exhibition-event titled “Calder and Picasso”. Almine Rech already has spaces in Paris, New York, Brussels and London, and represents major artists such as James Turell, John McCracken and Joseph Kosuth. Paul de Froment will be heading up the gallery’s new space, at 39 East 78th Street on the Upper East Side. He has commented: “It’s a honour to inaugurate Almine Rech Gallery’s newest location in New York City with an exhibition by two of the most iconic artists of the twentieth century. The exhibition is not only an exploration of the creative dialogue between these two formidable artists, but an insightful and intimate story shared from the families’...

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Stedelijk Museum looking for a new space in Amsterdam

The Stedelijk Museum is seeking a new space for contemporary art in Amsterdam. The project has been undertaken in partnership with Ammodo, an agency specialising in the support of artistic and scientific projects. This project is being supervised by curators Emily Pethick, Sophie Goltz and Eungie Joo. A meeting is scheduled at the museum from 17 to 19 June, gathering professionals from the Dutch and international art world. The director of Stedelijk Museum, Beatrix Ruf, believes in the project’s necessity: “We feel it is vital to have a location in Amsterdam that augments our own program and acts as a bridge between major institutions like the Stedelijk and the contemporary field of art. It must also enhance the city’s current program. The venue needs to reflect the city’s culturally diverse and international context, and connect with global art movements. Together with Ammodo, we look forward to investigating ways of creating an inspiring place that offers compelling artistic encounters in Amsterdam and contributes to the city’s thriving artistic...

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New Museum’s expansion project

The New Museum launches an extension project that should enable it to double its exhibition space. According to The New York Times, the museum has already gathered $43 million out of the $80 million needed for financing this enormous renovation project. Collector and philanthropist Toby Devan Lewis made the largest individual donation in the history of the museum — a sum not publicised at the donor’s request. The extension has become necessary ever since the museum’s visitor rates climbed from 60,000 to 400,000 per year following its move to Soho in 2007. The institution’s director, Lisa Phillips declares: “We’ve known for a long time that we wanted an expansion, but we’ve been thinking about what an expansion means for a museum like this. We own the building next door, and it just makes sense to use it. But it was also about thinking about ways to create a parallel structure there, to make something that’s different and a counterpoint to this building.” Doubling the exhibition space means compensating twice more artists. This, in any case, is the calculation made by the W.A.G.E artists’ group that has published an open letter addressed to the New Museum in response to the museum’s extension project. They ask the museum to join forces with W.A.G.E and to commit to compensating artists correctly. W.A.G.E — short for Working Artists and the Greater Economy — is an association of New York artists that wishes for the regulation of minimum remuneration paid to artists exhibited in public or non-profit institutions. The association supports a system of “certifying” institutions that respect the financial-compensation standards defined by W.A.G.E. For now, 27 institutions are certified by W.A.G.E. The association thus invites the New Museum to take up the cause, which would add clout to its movement. The museum has...

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Reopening of the SFMOMA

After three years of closure, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) will be reopening on 14 May, as announced by its director Neal Benezra. This reopening will coincide with the inauguration of a new wing for the museum, enabling it to triple the surface area of its galleries. The extra 230,000 m2 will namely be holding the recently acquired Doris and Donald Fisher collection. The new museum thus gathers 1900 works on its seven floors of galleries. The extension was constructed just next to the original building by Mario Botta. The renovation project, entrusted to the Norwegian architecture firm Snøhetta, gives the structure an allure of lightness. The new extension includes a “living wall” on the third floor. Covered in 19,000 plants, this will be one of the largest vegetal walls in the United States, allowing visitors to enjoy an area of greenery after exiting the Alexander Calder Room. The new SFMOMA combines three institutions on the one spot, with its original permanent collection now boosted by the Fisher collection — one of the largest collections in recent decades, including works by Richard Serra, Alexander Calder, Anselm Kiefer, Andy Warhol, Sol LeWitt, Frank Stella, Elsworth Kelly and Agnes Martin. Finally, the museum also hosts a gastronomic museum headed up by starred chef Corey Lee, sometimes nicknamed the “curator of food”. This configuration is expected to enable the SFMOMA to widen its public by scheduling cultural programmes on top of the usual artistic programmes – a tendency that can be observed in many museums worldwide. Finally, the museum intends to play a social and political role in a society that has undergone an identity crisis in recent years. The museum already envisages introducing free admittance for under-18-year-olds and access programmes aimed at...

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Leopold Museum expands upwards

Vienna, 9 April 2014, Art Media Agency (AMA). Vienna’s Leopold Museum is to undergo a 600m2 expansion, which is to facilitate a significantly developed programme of exhibitions and events. According to a press conference, the main body of the extension is to be concentrated on the museum’s roof, with the project costing in the region of €6 million. The extension is to include the construction of a large glass structure, as well as a terrace for visitors. Leopold Museum is the world’s eighth largest cultural centre and is situated in the city’s Museumquartier, a popular place with locals and visitors alike. The area is also the location for numerous other institutions, including MUMOK, the Kunsthalle Vienna and the Architekturzentrum...

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